East Perry Rangers - 1862

SOURCE: Harris, pp198-9 from "The Commonwealth", Marion Apr 18 1862

"On April 8, 1862, Captain Charles R. Harris informed "The Commonwealth" that his company had been formed on the eastern side of the Cahaba river. They enlisted for 3 years.... The company consisted of:"

Charles R. Harris, Captain
E.P.George, 1st Lieutenant
S.A.Edwards, 2nd Lieutenant
W.T.Ford, 3rd Lieutenant
J.K.Callaway, 1st Sergeant
C.R.Abercrombie, 2nd Sergeant
John W. Rodgers, 3rd Sergeant
WF Aycock, 4th Sergeant
G.W Robards, 5th Sergeant
A.M. Skinner, lst Corporal
JR. Smith, 2nd Corporal
J.A. Melton, 3rd Corporal
J.M. Graham, 4th Corporal
G.W McCullough, lst Musician
WB. Curry, 2nd Musician

Barnett, A.J.
Barron, E.G.
Bell, John
Bennett, Ben.
Bennett, R.E.
Bolling, T.P
Bolling, T.S.
Boyd, D.S.
Burton, WM.
Cochran, WT.
Crowell, J.M.
Dacus, G.B.S.
Davis, H.J.
Dunkin, A.J.
Dunkin, H.P
Dunkin, Jacob
Dunkin, JJ-L
Dunkin, R.W, Jr.
Dunkin, R.W, Sr.
Dunkin, WL.
Edwards, G.W
Edwards, N.S.
Edwards, Willis
Farror, Henry
Fike, John
Fondren, Samuel
Ford, H.M.
Foster, William
Gates, J.W
Gay, J.W
Gay, T.B.
Gentry ,, WP
Graham, JA
Hardwich, T.G.
Hargrove, E.
Jones, J.P
Kersh, WL.
Lankford, James C.
Leach, Francis
Leach, O.E
Lee, James
Lockett, TJ-1
Logan, H.P
Logan, J.W
McCary, T.W
Melton, W.J.
Middleton, WL.
Nicolls, Middleton
Osborne, J.T.
Osborne, Robert
Osborne, Wm.  C.
Owen, John
Perry, J.D.
Plumer, Henry
Ratliff, WM.
Scarbrough, C.P
Sewell, J.L.
Shin, John R.
Steward, J.J.
Tarrant, WA
Vaughan, J.E.
Ward, M.S.
Watters, R.R.
White, WD.
Williams, WT.

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