Located in West Perry

Our mother: Mrs. Ann Worthy, Dec. 6, 1781, Sept. 9, 1864, Member Methodist Episcopal Church
Susan Carlisle, consort of Dr. Edward Carlisle, died May 14, 1851, aged 76 years
My dear husband: Elihu Carlisle, b. Lincoln Co., Ga., April 18, 1812, died Perry County, Ala. August 31, 1851
John Burwell Lamar, son of General M. B. Lamar, died July 31, 183?, aged 11 months
Jabez Curry, died Aug. 3, 1833, aged 1y2m
Evalina Louisa Curry, died Jan. 27, 1813, aged 6y11m
Jane Ann, daughter of Jabez and Rebecca Curry, and wife of Jackson C. Curry, b. Jan. 11, 1823, died Aug. 27, 1858
Jabez Perry Curry, son of J. C. and Jane Ann Curry, Dec. 24, 1848, August 22, 1853
Mary, daughter of Robert and Amelia Shackelford, March 2, 1830, July 19, 1830
Jennie Lee, daughter of B. J. and Betty Curry, b. and d. April 24, 1869
Georgiana T., wife of Gideon E. Nelson, daughter of Jabez and Rebecca Curry, April 11, 1827, October 2, 1852

There are other graves at this cemetery without markers. According to Mr. Robert Curry in 1960, they are for : Richard H. Lee, died 1879, Jabez Curry, March 10, 1797, January 20, 1871, Rebecca Curry, his wife, d. Jan. 1884, about 84y, Rebecca Curry, daughter of Jabez and Rebecca Curry, died January, 1882, Mary Evelyn Curry, daughter of Jabez and Rebecca Curry, died July, 1888, about 47-48 years old.

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