George Weissinger and son, Leonard Anderson Weissinger

SOURCE: page 19, W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County", 1991.

"George Weissinger was born in Wurtemberg, Germany, in 1769. Educated in his home country, he came to America in 1789. He entered lands on the Cahaba River on January 21, 1820, just to the east of the future community of Hamburg, where he operated a large plantation.
"He was elected to the state legislature in 1822, and served for eight subsequent terms.
"He and his wife, Winnifred Anderson, were the parents of a large number of children.
"He died in Perry County in 1837" [end Harris quotes]

SOURCE: W. Brewer "Alabama", 1872 - served AL legislature, 1822, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 32.
p489 - "In 1789 he [George W.] settled in Charleston, South Carolina, and resided there and in Georgia till he came to this county [Perry] in 1821.
"One of his sons, L. A. Weissinger, has served the county [Perry] as a legislator [1837,1838]; another, George W., was for many years the associate of Geo. D. Prentice as editor of the Louisville [KY] 'Journal'."

SOURCE: Gallant Men of 28th
L. A. had son, Henry Y., (1842-1936) who enlisted CSA 28th Infantry :
"WESSINGER, HENRY Y(Sergeant) Enlisted at Marion, Alabama at age 20, January 24, 1862. Transferred in Tupelo, Mississippi to another Regiment."

FYI - if additional information is wanted on this family, contact Frances Morrison. or check out the Weissinger families web site Searching for George Weissinger .

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