John and Richard B. Walthall

SOURCE: pages, W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County", 1991.

p32- "Perry County's second senator, who also served three terms in the AL Legislature House of Representatives was Richard B. Walthall."

"Both he and his brother John...were the sons of John and Mary (Booker) Walthall, of Franklin County TN. In 1817, the year in which their father signed his will, they were living in Giles Co. TN."

"John Walthall, the brother of Richard B., was born in Amelia County [VA] on April 4, 1793. After graduating from Nashville College, he and his brother Richard B. moved to Alabama Early Settlers (1820), where John acquired a large tract of land.

"The land, which lay in the present-day vicinity of Scott's StationPerry Co. map, was worked by his 65 slaves, the largest number for any planter in the county at that time in 1830. In 1860, he owned 64 slaves. John Walthall's wife, the former Permelia Jones, was born in Person County, NC, on October 2, 1800, and died in Perry Co. on June 16, 1877. Her husband [John Walthall] died on October 9, 1868. ...and both are buried behind St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church in Marion.

"Richard Booker Walthall was born in Amelia County VA on May 19, 1794. After graduating from Nashville College, he served as a volunteer in the Creek Indian War, under the command of Gen. Andrew Jackson....

"His home in AL was established near the little town of Newbern, where he and his wife, Sarah Martin Moody, raised their 9 children. ...served the county in the state legislature for 16 years. He died while on a visit to Blount Springs on July 30, 1849, and is buried in the family cemetery near Newbern.
[end Harris quotes]
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pp14-16: Early Settlers

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