E. G. Talbert (Gen.)

SOURCE: page 167, W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County", 1991.
p 167 - "This former South Carolinian served for only one term in the legislature, preferring "the tranquillity of private life, and the cultivation of the soil." [q- Garrett,p613]

"He was listed in an 1860-61 directory of Marengo County as a planter in the McKinley community." [end quote]

p 121 - "In 1859, E.G.Talbert offered to sell his Canebrake land: '1,280 acre tract, located in the southwestern part of map of , 10 miles south of Uniontown, and 16 miles from Park's Landing on the Alabama River - 600 acres in cultivation - 700 acres of bottom land - comfortable dwelling house, overseer's house, and Negro cabins - also for sale 50 likely Negroes.' " [end quote]

SOURCE: W. Brewer "Alabama", 1872 - Talbert served AL legislature , 1853.

in RE fn16: Kat Davis wrote 20 Mar 1997 that there were TWO Richard Tubb; one married Margaret Davidson; one married Nancy Underwood. Contact her for clarification, Harris does not distinguish. Kat writes that, in the main, the above is correct for the Richard Tubb who married Margaret Davidson. (fpm)

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