B. F. Swindal

March 25, 2003 - received the following information from Malinda
B.F. Swindal & Rosa D. Swindal 

Benjamin Franklin Swindal married Rosa D. Nichols

Children        Birth        Death   Place           Marriage
Herman Franklin 10-31-1905   1968                    several times
Mamie           05-04-1907           Selma, AL       Alex Nichols
Issac Oliver    12-09-1909           Mobile, AL
James Otis      02-05-1911   1983    Reform, AL      Vergia Hughes
Bertha          01-21-1913           Besmer, AL      McCullough
Living Child
Eunice Lee (UL) 08-14-1919           Mobile, AL      James Cobb
Raymond Dewey   08-04-1921   2003    W. Mphs, AR     Gertrude Paris

All the children were born in Sprott, AL.
Story per Raymond - Herman married a woman and later run off with her sister Irene. This part was told to Raymond by one of his nephews that found him by going through Herman's papers. - Herman had changed his name to Raymond Ross. He and Irene married December 7, 1935. They had one son (living). Herman and Irene divorced. Both remarried. Irene's second husband died, she lived alone after that and passed in 1992 at age 74. Herman had a child by third wife; child was Bob Ross birth 10-29-1942 (the famous artist on TV). Bob died of cancer in 07-04-1995. Herman was to possible had another child by fourth wife. His fifth wife is said to of been real young. Herman died in 1968 at age 63. Living son said he (Herman) took the Selma paper and kept up with what was going on in Alabama. Son knows Herman went back to Selma a time or two. Not sure if he got in touch with family.

What I have found on Herman wives 1st was Rosie Nichols, and 3rd was Annie May.
Raymond said his father was part Cherokee.
Raymond and Gertrude had two children Nancy Dena Swindal was stillborn and is beside his parents in Ephesus. The other is living.

Raymond was in the U.S. Navy, enlisted September 9, 1941 and discharged December 21, 1945. After a Corporal was drunk and run over him and his friend. Killed his friend and Raymond had problems the rest of his life with his legs.

Raymond was stepfather to my father. He was the "Greatest Papaw".

I can't find any information past B. F. Swindal. Raymond didn't know either. Trying to contact his living sister to see if she may have any information. Thank you for posting the Ephesus Cemetery List online.

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