Dunklin Sullivan

SOURCE: pages, W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County", 1991.

p31- "Dunklin Sullivan, Perry County's first state senator, was born in Greenville District, South Carolina, on February 27, 1791. As a child, he moved to Tennessee, where he received a good eduction for that period of time, and began the study of law.
"He moved to Cahawba in 1819, where he practiced law, but moved to Marion early in 1822, where he married Polly Maybry [sic]* on February 3 of that year.
"He served in several public offices - probate judge, senator, and representative.
"He died in Tuscaloosa, while attending a session of the Alabama Legislature, on December 1, 1837.
*fn91- Marriage Book A; Owen IV, p1637 states that Mary Mayberry [sic] was the bride, and that this marriage took place in Centreville, Bibb County. [end Harris quotes]

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