Nathan Reed

SOURCE: W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County"

p9 - "Nathan Reid, a veteran of the Amer. Rev., moved to his area in November 1817, accompanied by his sons-in-law Michael McElroy and Warner Young. Reid settled just south of the present-day community of Folsom...."
p 72- "In the well-kept cemetery which adjoins the white frame church [Hopewell Baptist Church], lie many of the early residents of the county.... The earliest birth date, April 13, 1763, was that of the Revolutionary War veteran, Nathan Reed."

p 41 - "This old veteran was born in Guilford County, NC, and served as a private in the NC Militia during the Revolution.

"One of the earliest settlers in Perry County, he was one of the commissioners chosen by the Alabama Legislature on December 13, 1819, for the task of locating a site for the Courthouse.

"On December 13, 1828, he filed for a tract of land just south of the present-day community of Folsom.

"He died on January 23, 1846.... At his side lies his wife, Jennett, who was born on August 12, 1767, and died on November 1, 1841."
[end Harris quotes]

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