James Lewis Price

SOURCE: W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County"

p 64- "James Lewis Price, who was born in Richmond, VA, and graduated from the University of Viginia, came to the vicinity of Uniontown in 1834, bringing with him a large number of slaves. Here he purchased lands in both Perry and Dallas counties.

"His beautiful mansion 'Westwood' was erected near the northern boundary of Uniontown. ... 'Westwood' under their [Col. and Mrs. Price's] ownership, became a social center of the entire community.

"In 1835, James Lewis Price became a captain in a military company, composed of men from Uniontown. He was still active in the militia in 1840, when he was a candidate for Colonel of the 32nd regiment, Alabama Militia.

"This planter, lawyer, businessman, and soldier married Louisa Adele, the daughter of General Schuyler Shearer, of Albany, New York.

"fn 65 - Price died on December 14, 1867"

p 90 - "That same year [1844] James L. Price was elected as the Senior Warden [for the first Episcopal vestry in Uniontown] .... "
[end Harris quotes]

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