Jillman K.C. Pool

SOURCE: W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County"

p 18 - "... Jillman K.C.Pool left his mark on Perry County History. [he was one of 5 commissioners elected by AL legislature to 'site' the county seat].

"A native of Johnson County, NC, he was born about the year 1780. First registering land (see in Early Settlers ) in Perry County on January 21, 1820, Pool accumulated land just off of the Hamburg Road, near the present-day [1991] home of J.C.Webbs.

"In 1830, he was the owner of 53 slaves, and at his death on June 28, 1860, he was the owner of 69 slaves.

"According to the county records, he married Ridley Penny in April 1830, and had numerous issue."
[end Harris quotes]

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