Thomas Daniel and Phillip Henry Pitts

SOURCE: W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County"

p 63 - "In 1832, Thomas Daniel Pitts and Phillip Henry Pitts moved into the [Uniontown] area from Midway, Virginia.

"Thomas D. Pitts was born in Caroline Co. VA on November 20, 1787, and died in Perry Co. on August 28, 1851. His wife, Mary M., the daughter of Philip and Nancy Gray, was born in Essex Co. VA on Dec. 28, 1796, and died in Perry Co. on March 4, 1839.

"Phillip Henry Pitts was born on June 16, 1816, and died* in Uniontown on April 22, 1884. His wife, Margaret M., the daughter of John H. and Martha C. Davidson, was born on May 25, 1824, and died* at their home "Pitt's Folly" on November 3, 1910.

fn 59 * "... both buried in Uniontown Cemetery.
[end Harris quotes]

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