Nancy Moffett

SOURCE: pages, W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County"

p 139 - "Nancy Moffett's [Mrs. Temple Lea] father, Henry Moffett, moved to Perry Co. during the mid-1820's, and died there in 1829. He left his small farm and improvements to his son, Gabriel A. Moffett."

"In his will he asked that his stock of cattle and hogs, his furniture and tools, and his three slaves be divided betwen his children: Nancy Lea, Gabriel A. Moffett, Jincy Eiland, and Margaret Lea (not to be confused with Margaret, d/o Temple and Nancy)."

fn 44 - Will Book A., p 34. "This will was signed by Moffett on August 27, 1828, and was probated on July 4, 1829." [end Harris quotes]

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