William S. Miree

SOURCE: W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County"

p 53 - "Major William S. Miree represented Perry County in the AL Legislature as a Representative from 1832-6, 1842-4, 1855-6, and 1861-3.

"Primarily a planter in the Perryville area, he owned 12 slaves in 1830, increasing the number to 44 by 1860.

"He was also an active Baptist, and had served as the clerk in 1850 when the Baptist Association met at Pisgah Church, and also served as clerk when the Association met at Friendship Church in 1851."

p 125 - "In 1861, William S. Miree paid A.P. Johnson $25 'for the hire of negro boy Richard from 18th Decr. 1860 to 11th April 1861.' "
[end Harris quotes]
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