John and James Lockhart

SOURCE: pages, W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County", 1991.

p29-30- "Born in Londonderry, Ireland, in 1800, John Lockhart moved to Athens GA when but a lad of 12 years.
"In 1826 he came to Marion and erected a small log store. But finding this trade to be dull, he left the store in the hands of his brother James, and moved to Pensacola, where he traded along the Gulf Coast and on the island of Cuba.
"After sowing some wild oats, John Lockhart returned to Marion in 1829, increased his volume of business, and engaged an additional clerk, Pig Lockett.

"On August 6, 1829, Lockhart married Emily Rolfe Brame, a former Virginian, the daughter of Judge G.M. Brame.
"He became a lawyer in 1833..."

fn84 - John Lockhart's brother, James S. Lockhart was born in Ireland on July 18, 1814, and died in Marion on January 6, 1855. His wife, Margaret was born in New York on April 15, 1822, and died in Marion on June 12, 1851.
[end Harris quotes]

pp33-34: Voters of Marion
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