Henry Clinton Lea

SOURCE: pages 51-52, W. Stuart Harris, "Heritage of Perry County"

"Henry Clinton Lea was born in Clarke County, GA in 1803, the son of Temple and Nancy Lea, pioneers of Perry Co. A graduate of the University of Georgia, he came to Marion to practice law in 1829.

"He represented Perry Co. in the AL Legislature in 1836 and 1839 as a member of the Senate, and as a member of the House in 1847 and 1851; and was elected county solicitor in 1851.

"On August 12, 1828 Henry C. Lea married Serena, the daughter of Col. Thomas R. and Sarah R. Rootes, and built a beautiful home on Green St. [Marion] It was in this home that Lea's sister, Margaret, married Sam Houston in 1840. (op cit p140)

"Very active in both civic and religious affairs, Henry C. Lea was a leader in the Siloam Baptist Church, a founder of Judson College, and a member of the first boards of trustees at both Howard College and at the Marion Female Seminary. Also a leader in the militia, he was appointed aide-de-camp on the staff of Brig. Gen. J. Crook, of the 14th Brigade, on November 18, 1841.

"...we are informed that "it is much to be regretted, that in the latter years of his life, he became the victim of intemperance, and the man of giant intellect and person was lost in the shadow.... The wreck of such a man brings no dishonor upon his kindred." He died in December 1854.

p 136 - "The Marion Steam Mill was in operation in the late 1830's, but was offered for sale in September, 1839 by Henry C. Lea [and others] ... during the hard times. Lea, having had many money problems ....

" His brother, Martin A. Lea, was also a state representative."
[end Harris quotes]
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