Porter King

SOURCE: W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County"

p166-7 "Born on April 30, 1824 in Perry County, Porter King was the son of the wealthy planter General Edwin Davis King and his wife, Ann Alston Hunter.

"Upon attending both the U. of AL and Brown U...King studied law...from 1842-44, and was admitted to the bar in 1845*. ...was elected judge of the Circuit Court in 1850* and served until 1861, when he resigned to enter the Confederate Army.

"After serving as a Capt. in the 4th AL for a year, King returned to ...circuit court judge. At the termination of the war he was removed from office...

"A member of the Board of Trustees at both Howard and Judson colleges for 2 decades, he also served on the boards of U. of AL and the AL Hospital for the Insane in Tuscaloosa.

"Porter King was first married on 25 Feb 1849, at Greensboro, to Margaret Erwin, dautof Col. John Erwin and his wife, Eliza M. Shortridge. Margaret King died on 30 Apr 1850.
On 19 Feb 1852, King married Callender McGregor Lumpkin at Athens, GA. Her father, Joseph Henry Lumpkin, was the Chief Justice of GA Supreme Court. Callender King was born 26 Sep 1826; died 21 Aug 1905.

[Porter King] died 3 Jan 1890."
[end Harris quotes]

Porter King is listed in Brewer,pp498-9: Legislature, 1851.
as well as a short bio on page 495, which has two differences with above
- "admited to the bar 1849*"; and "appointed to the circuit court in 1858*."
If you have any additional information or corrections, please contact me below.

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