Elisha Ford King

SOURCE: W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County"

p12- "On April 17, 1820, Elisha Ford King became the county treasurer."
p53- "Elisha Ford King, the representative of Perry Co. to the AL Legislature in 1830-32, was primarily a planter, coming to this county in January, 1820, and registering Early Settlers lands located just north of present-day Hamburg.

"Eight years later, he acquired lands in the Scott's Station section. In 1830, he was the owner of 44 slaves.

"In civic matters, he was one of the founders of Marion Female Seminary. He died prior to 1856**, and his wife Margaret* died during the Civil War period"
fn 25 * "Margaret King's will was dated Oct. 17, 1861; it was probated Dec. 14, 1862."*."
[end Harris quotes]

BUT SOURCE: W.T.Jordan, "Ante-Bellum AL"
p59 - "Mrs. Margaret King, widow of Elisha F. King... died on September 23, 1863*" and uses a King Family Bible as source!
p50 fn32 - "Edwin W.'s mother, the former Margaret Moore of Georgia...."

p61 - "...Gen. Edwin D. King... the brother of Elisha F."
p41 fn2 - "Elisha F. King was the son of Wooly King."
p50 - quote of obit in 'Alabama Planter' 1852: "Capt. E. F. King, one of the oldest, most prominent and respectable citizens of Perry county, died at his residence, a few miles from Marion, on Tuesday last, the 11th inst. [May 1852]**"
[end Jordan quotes]

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