James L. Goree

SOURCE: W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County"

p102 - "... stated in 1841 'that sufficient portion of my estate shall be set apart for the maintenance and education of my minor children.' "

fn 26 Will Book A, p115. "Dated November 2, 1841; probated January 7, 1842."
[end Harris quotes]
James L. Goree is found in the Scott's Station Section in the Early Settlers list of 1820.

James L. Goree and brother Langston James Goree were planters around Marion.
James Lyles Goree had a least 3 sons--- John Rabb GOREE(1811-1852), Dr. James Langston GOREE(1819-1866) and Robert Thomas GOREE (1823-1858) according to Paul R. Goree who can be e-mailed (1/97)Paul R. Goree.
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