Gabriel Benson

SOURCE: pages, W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County", 1991.
p 25- "Gabriel Benson, of Spartanburg District, South Carolina, was the first county judge of Perry County. He had come to the county and claimed land in the region of present-day Hamburg on January 21, 1820, where he had a plantation worked by 26 slaves in 1830."
fn65 - Tract Book I; also 1830 US Census, Perry Co. The date of Benson's death is unknown; however, he signed his will on May 21, 1838, and it was probated on October 16 of that same year,
lisiting his wife Rosanna, and sons Samuel E., William B., Willis B., and daughters Elizabeth K., Sarah H., Emily J., Martha T., and Amanda F. His brother, Dr. Elias Benson, was one of his administrators.
Dr. Elias Benson was born on February 4, 1788; he died May 25, 1843.
Rosanna, the widow of Gabriel, was born on January 25, 1795 and died on August 12, 1844.
All of the Bensons are buried in the Benson Cemetery, located in the vicinity of Scott's Station.
[end Harris quotes]

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