Alexander Quay Bradley (Dr.)

SOURCE: W. Stuart Harris "Heritage of Perry County"

p 112 - "A doctor and politician in Perry county, Dr. Alexander Quay Bradley was born in Chester, SC on April 1, 1808. He began his education in 1824 at South Carolina College, but was compelled to withdraw the following year due to the death of his father, General Henry Bradley.

"Starting his medical education by taking 'home study' courses, he completed the requirements for his degree in 1828 at Translvania University in KY. After practicing for 2 years in Chester, he moved to Marion in 1830 and practiced until 1857.

"He began his political career in 1839, when he was elected to the state Legislature , serving through 1841. He was defeated for the AL Senate in 1842, but returned to the legislature again in 1859.

"After the fall of Fort Sumter, he enlisted as a surgeon in the 4th AL Regiment, but was soon after forced to retire because of poor health. He died in Marion on August 16, 1874.
fn 13 - "He is buried in the Marion Cemetery. His mother lies beside him - Mrs. Charlotte Bradley, who was born in 1784, and died October 21, 1857."
[end Harris quotes]

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