Slaves and Owners

Submitted by: Paula Hurst
"A list of Negro Property sold at the sale of H. S. Draper Decd" Lucinda Draper bought America and children for $2295.00
D.Q. Draper bought Henny and children for $1800.00
W.E. Draper bought Luzane for $600.00
Richard Draper bought Cuprit for $665.00
A list of property:
a negro man Cuprit-about 40 years old
"" woman Lusane about 38 years old
a negro woman America about 25 years old
four children Winny a girl 6 yrs old
Allen a boy 4 years old Ruban a boy 2 years old and a girl about 5 months old
The State of Alabama know all men by these presents that I Lucinda Draper widow of Horace S. Draper late of said county deceased having a separate estate independent of my late husband the said H.S. Draper do hereby receive from the Administrations of my late husband the following named Negroes. to wit, Girl Milly of copper color about 20 years of age. Aleck a boy of dark complexion about 17 years of age, mandy, a girl of copper color about eleven years old, also an infant child of Milly of yellow complexion about 6 months old, which said property or Negroes was received as my distributive share of the estate of my father Samuel Breeding deceased since the first of March 1848 and in consideration of said separate estate being recd by me I hereby release all my right and claim to distribution in the personal or real property of my said deceased husband, and consent that the whole of the property belonging to his estate subject to sale be sold and distributed amongst the children of my late husband the said H.S. Draper deceased and hereby release the Administrators of my said deceased husband from any liability to me of any nature whatever, given under my hand and seal this the 15th day of December 1858.

Submitted by: Scott Lange
I'm afraid that I don't have much information on the names of the slaves of my family members. But I have uncovered some interesting information that has been passed down through my family. I am descended from the MORRISes of Morgan County, AL (before that of Mecklenburg Co., NC, and of Scotch-Irish descent). My third great grandfather, Scott Allen MORRIS, fought in the Civil War with Company D of the 5th ALA Cavalry C.S.A.
There has been a poem passed down through the family that was written by a slave owned by someone in the family (probably Scott's father John Jarman MORRIS or his older brother John MORRIS, because of the reference to "massa John" in the poem.)
"My brother Sam and I"
The happiest Negroes on the farm
Were brother Sam and I.
We never thought to do no harm;
We never want to try.

We had to work so hard all day
Of which we were not fond,
But then at twelve we had our play
A swimming in the pond.

At night before we went to rest,
My brother Sam would sing,
And I would pat while Bob and Jess
Went ¡round and ¡round the ring.

We danced the *Double Shuffle* then;
We made the rafters ring;
We made the kitchen tremble
When we cut the *Pidgeonwing.*

Ole Massa, he¢d step in the door,
Or in the window thrust
His silver head to see the show,
And he¢d laugh till he¢d almost bust.

Ole Missus, she was funny, too.
She would laugh with Massa John,
And often when the play was through,
She¢d ask another song.

But those good times they done and fled;
They¢ll never come no more.
My brother Sam, he¢s done gone dead;
He¢s gone to the other shore.

My brother Sam was black as tar;
His eyes was big and white.
He went with Massa to the war;
He asked him if he might.

And I remember well the hour
When it come for us to part.
His parting words fell like a shower
Of snow upon my heart.

So then we cried and cried and cried;
It¢s sad to part, you know.
I thought Ole Missus sure would die
To see Ole Massa go.
*But we¢ll come back,* Ole Massa said,
*Yes, we¢ll come back some day.*
And then he left; his duty led
To wear the Southern Gray.

We watched them passing through the lane
Where many times we played,
But they never passed that way again*
On the battlefield they stayed.

One day there came a letter back
Which Missus quickly read.
She said the thing had gone to rack*
And brother Sam was dead.

His grave is on the Georgia plain
Miles and miles from here
Where falls the gentle summer rain
And flowers blooming near.

Some day the Lord will say to me,
*Come up, come up to home;
Come up, and all the beauty see;
No more on earth ye roam.*

So then I¢ll ride on snowy wings
Up to the distant sky,
And there we¢ll join once more and sing,
My brother Sam and I.

I have an audio casette of an old (and now dead) family member telling stories about his grandfather's slaves. His name was Roy MORRIS and he told a story of a reunion of two slaves, husband and wife, fascilitated by my 3rd great grandfather. Those two slaves were named Ayles (sp?) and Granville and if they picked up the surname of my family they would be Ayles and Grandville MORRIS.

Submitted by: Sandra Johnson
Inventory List of Slaves of Joshua Francis - Dec'd This 19 Dec
1 Negro Man -- Bice -----$400.00
1 Negro boy -- Gus -------$287.50
1 Negro boy -- Frank -----$206.25
1 Negro Girl -- Minerva ---$437.50
1 Negro Girl -- Roda --------$300.00
1 Negro boy -- Tom ------$400.00
1 Negro woman -- Penny ---$400.00
1 Negro man --- Joe ----------$400.00

Submitted by: Dianne Blankenstein
Hardin P. Lewis Inventory of Estate
Morgan County, Alabama Bk 2 p 136-141 An inventory of property Belonging to the estate of Hardin P. Lewis First 21 Negroes as follows - Jim, Lucy, Richard, Hary,  Lonmon, King, Elvey, Two child, Nancy three Child, Lucky one child, Fanny three children and Sarah two children Six head of horses one mule 2 Heifers 16 lbs. Corn 5 hoes 3 Plows 1 Lot of Gear C. C. Saw 3 B Bridles 3 singletrees 4 Geres & 3 Clvis 1 Hd Saw Lot of Tea Ware Table 2 Doz Silver Teaspoons 1silver ladle 1 Jug Canister 1 Tea pot one lot ware 1 fine gold Watch 3 Beds furniture Stays Harness 20 yt Baling 1 trunk 1 harnes 10 Chairs 1 side sallle 2 spinning wheels 1 loom 1 mans saddle Piggins Trays Sifters 1 pr steel yards 2 Augers 1 shot gun 1 lot castings 1 foot lute 1 D Knife 3 Bu Salt 1 Lot of Pork 1 Large Slap Bottle 1 Pad lock 1 Waggon 9 Stacks fodder 7 Head fat hogs 20,000# seed cotton 16 head stock hogs. An Inventory made out by the Administrators January 18th 1826 Nicholas Lewis Administrator of the Estate Harding P. Lewis Decest
Morgan County, Alabama Bk 3 p82 State of Alabama Whereas we John McKinzie William Thompson Morgan County William Read William King have met this day according to an order from the Orphans court of the county of Morgan to divide estate of Hardin P. Lewis among the Daughters Viz. Sarah P. Lewis now Sarah P. Rodgers, Emaline M. Lewis now Emaline M. Walker, Arthur M. Lewis and Daniel O. Lewis. We report that said court according to said order that we have appraised and add used notes the negroes of the said estate in the order as follows viz. Emiline M. Walker drew lot No 1. claiming the following Negroes Nancy Cate Richard Lemor Valued to Five hundred dollars Evey and her child valued to five hundred dollars Michel valued at one hundred and seventy five dollars Richard Junior valued at one hundred and fifteen dollars Lee valued at Two hundred dollars this lot amounting to one thousand three hundred and ninety dollars Sarah P. Rodgers drew Lot no 2 containing the following negroes Nancy Lewis valued at four hundred fifty dollars Susan valued at three hundred and seventy five dollars Porter valued at Two hundred and seventy five dollars Macojok valued at one hundred and seventy five dollars and Mary Tom valued at one hundred and seventy five dollars this lot amounting to; one thousand three hundred and fifty dollars. Daniel O. Lewis drawed the Lot No. 3 containing thefollowing negroes namely thereby valued at four hundred dollars Nancy valued to four hundred dollars, Mitchel valued to one hundred and twenty five dollars, Archelias valued at one hundred dollars and James valued to three hundred and fifty dollars this lot amounting to one Thousand and seventy five dollars. And Lot No. 4 was drawn by Arthur M. Lewis containing thefollowing Negroes namely Landon Valued at four hundred and fifty dollars, King valued at three hundred Dollars, Flemon Valued at Two hundred and seventy five, Lucy Ann Valued at one hundred and twenty five dollars, Fany and her child Roseta valued at one hundred and twenty five dollars and Hanah valued at one hundred dollars this Lot amounting to one Thousand three hundred and seventy five dollars. We also Report that Administrators on said State apply money belonging to the same so as to make Lots Numbers two, three, and four amounting in value with Lot numbers one being one thousand three hundred and ninety dollars. Given under our hands this first day of January year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Twenty & eight. William Thompson Wm King Wm Read John McKenzie This to certify that the above campaigner was duly qualified to make the division of the Estate of Hardin P. Lewis among the Legetees before me given under hand and seal this lst day of January 1828. Nath Evans SEAL
Morgan County, Alabama Bk 3 p 200-2 Inventory of the Estate of Arthur M. Lewis Recd by Nicholas Lewis his guardian 1828 Jan 1st Recd Landon valued at 450.00 King 300.00 Flemming 275.00 Lucy Ann 125.00 Fanney Child Rasetter 125.00 Hannah 100.00 $1375.00 1828 Jan 1st Hired Lonnon $74.00 King 32.00 Flemming 17.50 1829 Jan 1st Flemming 17.31 1/4 King 47.50 London 62.25 1830 Jan 4th King 70.50 Londo 80.00 Flemming 43.50 March 24 Recd his dividend of the personal estate of H. P. LEWIS decd 570.59 1/3 State of Alabama Personally appeared Nicholas Lewis before me Morgan County Charles W. Peters Judge of the County Court of said County and made oath that the foregoing contains  a correct Inventory of the Estate of Arthur M. Lewis which has come to his hands as guardian up to this date March 24th 1830. Morgan County, Alabama Bk 3 p 219-20 Amount of the Hire of Negroes belonging to the estate of Hardin P. Lewis for the year 1827 Viz Richard to William King for $106.00 Lonnon to Whitfield Rogers 105.00 Louis to S. B. Walker 100.00 Harry to James to D. Ballew 110.50 King to W. W. Rogers 64.00 Elvey & child to Wm. King 46.00 Vickey child to W. W. Rogers 89.00 Nancy child to S. B. Walker 60.00 lemming to W. W. Rogers 40.00 ea Ceyer to 10.00 Fanny child paid S. B. Walker for _______Keeping thru the year $53.75 $822.00 Will of Nicholas Lewis The last will and testament of Nicholas Lewis of the County of Morgan and State of Alabama. ... But of the residue given as above to my said 2 brothers I do will that there shall be excepted and reserved therefore the negro slaves hereinafter named and the balance left after taking on said slaves to be divided equally and above my slave Bob and his wife Lindy--Nelson and his wife Amy, Thornton his wife Mary and Ruckers an old man, all of whom are now on my plantation in Morgan Co., Alabama, and have served me with much fidelity and feeling a strong attachment for them I would direct my executor to emancipate them if I believed their happiness would be thereby prompted--but trusting that my said Zachariah and his 2 sons will faithfully observe my wishes in relation to said slaves, I give them to my said brother he should survive me during his life time and at his death to his said 2 sons if he should not survive me then directly to his two sons and to the survivors of them--And I hereby will that said negroes to be paid each annually the following sums namely, to Bob Lindy each ten dollars also to Nelson, Amy, Thornton, and Mary each ten dollars and to Ruckers fifteen dollars--Said sum to be paid by my said brother Zachariah or the said John O. Lewis Zachariah Lewis sons of my said brother Zachariah. And if at any time my said brother or his said sons should think the happiness of said slaves would be promoted by removing them to a free state or territory I wish them to have it done--I hereby revoke all former wills by me made.

Submitted by: Judith McClung
Col. Charles McClung was one who laid out the town of Knoxville, TN. I think he was in AL because a relative had just died. I'm not for sure about that. But from the Morgan County Deeds:
Book A:164
Charles McClung of Knox County, Tennessee. Bill of Sale.
Wm. B. McClellan paid to Charles McClung one dollar for "a Negro woman named Cloe and her female child being the same that Adison Camiks conveyed to me by Bill of Sale."
Chas. McClung (Seal)
He appeared before the Morgan County Court 25 Jan 1819
The sale for $1 was probably to keep Cloe in the family although I do not know how Wm. McClelland was related. I just cannot imagine why these two were sold for that. Now Col. McClung was a very wealthy man who made his fortune in land speculation in TN and all over the south.

Submitted by: Sandra Johnson
Inventory List of Slaves of Watkin Orr - February 18, 1852?
Daniel 600.00
Sang 650.00
Jim 650.00
Bob 500.00
George 550.00
Dick 500.00
Jim and Luan 425.00
Sam 450.00
Bond 400.00
Right or Riley 250.00
Moses 250.00
Joe 150.00
Jack 200.00
Jinoy 500.00
Fanny and Child 600.00
Lesey 550.00
Amy 550.00
Sprina 550.00
Miariah 525.00
Queen 450.00
Betey 400.00

Submitted by: Glenda
Pruit, Robert H. Vol. A. Pg. 294 Inventory and Wills, Mp51-8, Orphans/Probate Court 1850 - 1856.
Vol. A. Pg. 294 Inventory and Wills, Mp51-8, Orphans/Probate Court 1850 - 1856.
The State of Alabama } Probate Court January Term 1854.
Lawrence County, Al } Present H. A. McGhee, Judge of said Court
On the application of Charles Gibson, Administrator of the Estate of Robert H. Pruit, decd. It is ordered by the court, that the report of the Division of the Slaves belonging to said Estate, be received and admitted to record, as returned and Sworn to, which is in the record and figures following, to Wit.
We the undersigned, John Kitchesn, William Irwin, James B. Speake and Asa M. Hodges, being duly appointed by the Judge of the Court of Probate of Lawrence County, and State of Alabama, as commisxxxxxsioners to divide the negro property belonging to the Estate of Robert H. Pruit, deceased, late of said County, and State equally between Mary M. Cox, late Pruit, and William Tolbert Pruit, minor Heir of said Robert and Mary after having been duly sworn proceeded to divide the property as follows.
Mary M. Cox
Peter, a negro man ag"d 37 $ 800.00
Fanny, a woman 45 400.00
Fillis, a woman & 3 children 27 2100.00
Filelia, a Girl 18 900.00
Peggy, a Girl 12 700.00

To Wm. T. Pruit
Rebeca & 2 children 25 1550.00
Henry a man 28 1200.00
Albert a boy 20 700.00
Adaline a girl 18 900.00
Erestine, a girl 9 550.00

Sworn & subscribed before me
the 19th day of January 1854 } John Kitchens
H.A. M"Ghee, P.J. } Wm B. Irwin
} J. B. Speak
} Asa M. Hoges

Charles Gibson

Submitted by: John David Cofield
These names and ages are from the probate records for my ggggrandfather John Williams, Probate VOl. 20, pages 352 ff. His widow Narcissa Williams was made adminitrator of his estate on April 12, 1862, and this list of property was recorded soon after.
1 Negro man Drury aged 60
1 Negro man Phil aged 48
1 Negro man Washington aged 25
1 Negro Boy Pleasant aged 16
1 Negro Boy Tim aged 10
1 Negro Woman Lucy aged 48
1 Negro Woman Nell aged 22, child Loueasy aged 3
1 Negro Girl Ann aged 16.

Also, the will of William Williams, father of John Williams, dated Jun 16, 1853 and proven Dec 11, 1854 in Morgan County, mentions two Negroes Ann and Jane, no ages given.

NOTE: Be sure to check the Wills page on Morgan Co. there is mention of many slaves on that page.

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