I am trying to locate data on and the place of burial of Lucy Effie Clark (or Clarke)(maiden name Tanner), death date sometime around 1967 and her husband John Clark. I am told they lived some where between Decatur and Moulton. Also, I'm looking for the same information on her children by her first marriage, Jasper Graves and Clyde Graves. I believe one of them died in Morgan County in 1995. ANY help anyone could give me on this would be greatly appreciated.

D. Meyer


I am looking for the gravesite for Thomas Horsey. He is shown on the 1850 census for Somerville as "Thomas Hofsey" and Ancestry.com translated it to be "Hossey." The census shows that he was born in Alabama. The family has his wife as Rachel. On the census it looks like Rahsmith - and I don't know how you get Rachel out of that. Their son is Smith and one year old at the time. I see on the 1860 census that Thomas is not listed. There is a woman, the age of his mother, and a sister named Margaret. They are still in Morgan County. The post office is Ivy Bluff and this time the name is spelled "Hosey." In 1870 Smith had moved to Blount County and a few years later moved on to Arkansas. I am assuming that Thomas was buried in the area of Somerville. Rahsmith was born in Tennessee and I have been wondering if she might have been Indian. Thomas and Rahsmith must have married late in late because they are 30 years on the 1850 census and Smith is only one. That would make Thomas to be born about 1820.

Bill W. Moore


My grandparents lived around Eva, Alabama. My parents retired to Eva in 1974, (now deceased). I am looking for information on my grandparents Robert Lee Bennett and Aida Arlington. It is my understanding that they originally lived in South Alabama and move to the Eva area after some type of conflict. Contacts within my family can only get me back two generations. Any information or a source of information would be appreciated.



looking for information in which place in virginia mary wood was born. she is listed in the morgan county census of 1870 she is also black and was listed with two children elex and ellen.

Casey Young


I am trying to locate more information about James F Sybert b. June 1848 MS, d. Oct 2, 1906, m. Marinda Sparkman on Jan 8, 1873 in Morgan Co, Al. I believe his father was Henry Sybert and his mother's name was Julia. Anything would help! Thank you!

Tamara Miles


I am determined to learn the parents of Winnie T. Bowman, wife of Martin Van Buren Briscoe. She is buried in/near Arab, Alabama --- Morgan county. Can you help?? One of her children is John J. Briscoe, father of Mary Lou Briscoe, my great-grandmother.



I am looking for a Patience Williams who married Dancy Pace before 1825 in Morgan Co., AL. I believe Dancy Pace was in civil war, born TN? and fought in NC civil war. Thanks

Benny Gordon


I have worked on several Morgan Co. families since I married in 1967. My mother in law, Ruby Nelle Harvey Brasher was born in Falkville. Her parents were John Hobart Harvey and Ruby Gordon Evans. I am willing to share anything I have on her ancestral families: Harvey, Wallace, Clark, McDonald, Evans, Sams, Arnold, Chamblee, Breedlove, Kent, Epperson, Grubbs, Parker, and some associated families, such as Compton, Summerford, etc.I am stumped on several lines:
(1) Mary Jane Wallace, b. 21 June 1846 with parents J.A. Wallace and Sarah N. I have not been able to identify J. A. or find Sarah's maiden name.
(2) Rev. William A. McDonald, b. 7 Feb 1825 and wife Malinda Grubbs had dau Margaret A. McDonald. William had brothers Robert and Lafayette, but I can not find their parents.
(3) William Parker, b. 1791 and wife Mary had dau Christina Evans, b. 1825/6. Christina married Edmond R. Evans, a son of Josiah Evans, who was a son of Owen Evans, Rev War, buried in Madison Co. Christina and others were buried at Ebeneezer Ch. Cem. at Leesdale. I can not connect William's family with at least 6 other Parker families living in Morgan Co. area in the 1830's. I appreciate any help and am always interested in helping others.

Carson Thompson


My grandfather line was Joseph Thompson who was father of Isaac N. Thompson who was father of Isaac F. Thompson who was the father of John Lile Thompson. Isaac F. and John Lile moved to Oklahoma about 1890. John Lile was the father of my father - Silas Thompson.Our family lore has it that one of my grandfathers married a woman who owned a plantation in Morgan County near Decatur - maybe Trinity, Alabama. This bit of history is not confirmed - thought you might give us some direction on how to research this. We also want to know when and why my family left Alabama for Oklahoma. The Thompson family had a very close connection to the Bynum family in Alabama. I am also curious about what happened in this part of Alabama during the Civil War, and if my family fought in the war. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Darlene Steele


I am seeking the parents of my gg grandmother Rutha Means, McMinis who was born in TN in approximately 1817. She married Elias Craft in 1835 in Morgan County, Alabama. Rutha is said to have been Cherokee. There is some speculation that Rutha may have been Orman's daughter. Do you have a list of Orman's and Mary's children? I truly appreciate any information.

Eliabeth Manners Keogh


I am interested in MRS. FRANCES CLAUGHTON ROUTT WYATT. She was born in Northumberland Co. Virginia on 2-22-1820 and died MORGAN CO. ALABAMA on 9-15-1854. They were married at Spanish Bluff Plantation, Bowie Co., his parents home on10-2-1837. I believe she was probably from Morgan Co. Alabama. I would love any information you might have.



Looking for any information on Robert Ballew or family. I believe he was born in Virginia. He died in Morgan County, Alabama in 1839 and left an orphan's court record. Any help would be great. Thanks

June Meeks


I am searching for John T. Chamblee,born in 1880 in Georgia,and moved to Alabama and married a woman who was part Cherrokee indian or full blood not sure. The only name we have for her is Dollie or Pendolie. She died in Alabama in 1930,and they had four kids Rudolphus or Dolphus,Sylvester,Savoria & Julie. He worked on a River boat and lived in Morgan Co. I believe or a county by a large River on a houseboat. They also lived in Limestone Co. and there was another one I can't remember. I don't know his wife's last name but I have found them in two or three counties one her name was Pendolie and the other it was Dolie or Dollie. He was the off spring of Rudolphus Chamblee in Georgia and Rudolphus moved to SouthCarolina later I believe. Any help you might be would be appreciated. I am intrested in finding where they were burried and What the Wife's last name was. Thank You



my grandfather was alo matthew morgan hubbard.he was born in decader,ala.jan.28,1882.his father was henry willis hubbard.his mother was missouri g.smith .he was married to mary bulah overall in camp,co.texas.thay were married onthe ninth of jan.1907.he died aug.27,1955 inupshur,co.,texas.thay had(7)children.1.FLOYD MATTHEW B.1,4,1908 UPSHUR,CO,TEXAS 2ROMER MAY B.1,24,1909 UPSHUR,CO,TEXAS 3.HOMER RAY B.1,25,1912 UPSHUR,CO.,TEXAS.4 .LILLIAN LUCIAL B. .2,24,1914 UPSHUR,CO.,TEXAS . 5.DOYLE WILLIAM B.JAN.6,1919 6. LILA MARIE B.OCT.27,1922 UPSHUR,CO.,TEXAS.ALL THE CHILDREN HAVE PASSED EXCEPT LILA .SHE STILL LIVES IN UPSHUR CO,,TEXAS. HAVE MORE IVFO. ON THE HUBBARD FAMILY.WOULD LOVE TO SHARE.

Lynne Capehart


I am trying to find the parents of Mary Hudson, born abt. 1827, married Asberry Henson Feb 12, 1843 in Marshall County AL, then lived in Falkville, Morgan County AL in 1860 and 1870. I think it is possible that her father was Alexander Hudson. Her mother's name was Joanah Hudson (born VA about 1798). There was an Alexander Hudson in Marshall County in the 1840 census. Does anyone have any information on Mary Hudson or on Alexander Hudson?



Looking for Rachel Nelson parents. She married Asher K.Harris. Rachel was born in Morgan County,Alabama un 1825. Asher was born in 1819 in Temmessee. Any help would be appreciated.



Looking for descendents of John M. Burns Born 1840 in Morgan County. Married to Rececca Louisa Toten. Father was Hezekiah Burns Born 1823, Mother Mary Anne Rutledge. Children were John Burns, Sarah F. Burns, Nancy L. Burns, Aaron Burns, Annie D. Burns and William H. Burns. Brothers and sisters were William P. Burns, Anne Elizabeth Burns, Hiram Burns, and Mary Margaret Burns

Buddy Parker


I have been trying to find where my ggaunt Carrie Joiner....aged 16, died in about 1887 in Valhermosa Springs Al...I have been to the cementery, and I just can't find the grave....Please help if you can. Her FAther was James M. Joiner...a civil war vet....Thanks

Crystal Meredith


I would like any information I can get on my maternal grandparents. Jessie and Sigar Burt. I am not sure of the spelling of my grandmothers name, but it is Sigar, Cigar, or Sigah, something along that line. Her maiden name was Moseley. They were born and raised in Morgan County and had nine children.

Don Bell


Charles N. Bell & Charles Hopkins Bell - AL & TN 1800s I am searching for info on my Great-Great-Grandfather Charles N. Bell. He was born about 1830 in TN, married Mary Jane Houk in Athens, Limestone Co., AL in 1858, and died 14 March 1906 in Morgan County, AL. His son (my Great-Grandfather) was Charles Hopkins Bell, born 13 January 1862 in Stevenson, Jackson Co., AL, married Martha Ann Armentha Brooks in Morgan County, AL in 1904, and died 30 April 1936 in Morgan County, AL. I need any info on the family and ancestors of Charles N Bell. He was what my grandfather called a "river rat", never living in any one place for too long. In 1860 he was in Limestone County, Al, by 1870 he was in Wabash, Gibson Co., Indiana (having moved North for the Civil War), by 1880 he was in Coffee Co., TN, then by 1890 he was in Morgan Co., AL.



McKENNA, Margaret. Her father is John McKenna and mother Bidget. I need information about when they may have come to Morgan County. It would be about 1900. Also I need to know where my grandmother was born. Records found are not certain as follows; Born 8 May 1869 (New Haven, KY)(Decatur, AL) Any information on the McKenna family would be appreciated.

Nakia S. Armstrong


I have been searching for years for a great-great-great grandmother by the name of Hannah Cherry from Morgan County. Here is what I know so far: I am looking for info on Hannah Cherry, born Dec 1863 in Morgan County to a Betty Cherry, who is on the 1870 Census as having been born in 1820 in Tennessee. Listed with Betty were Charley, born 1851, Mariah born 1840, Hannah, Bob born 1867, and Solomon Born 1840. There was no father listed. They are listed as a black family. I have been under the impression that this family was Native American...I do not know. I am trying to find out if by chance where there any slave owners in the area with the name of Cherry in Morgan County that may have had slaves or maybe Indian slaves on their property/plantation. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Billy Mayo


Looking for burial marker for Cullen J. & Elmira A. Mayo that lived in the Apple Grove Community Morgan County 1872 and on. Also for Eliza Ann and James T. Humphries who resided and died in Hulaco, Morgan County. Any information on Cullen & sister Eliza would be greatly appreciated.

John Greene


I am trying to located a relative named Wright (possibily William) who was executed for desertion. Do you have any information about such a person? He would have been from Morgan Co.

Lea Griffith


I am trying to find information on Abraham POWELL (b. abt. 1800 in SC?) and wife, Little Dove "Sarah" POWELL (Cherokee b. abt. 1803 in GA?); their son, Miles Tilman POWELL (b. abt. 1848 in Morgan County, AL) and his wife, Elizabeth; their daughter, Nancy POWELL Brown Dempsey (b. 1874 in Morgan County, AL buried at Powell's Chapel). Nancy's 1st marriage was to Daniel Brown (b. 27 January, 1867 in Morgan County, AL) and 2nd marriage to Leander Dempsey. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Mike Woodall


I am researching the Woodall family of Morgan county my late Grandfather Getis Woodall had 12 brothers and sisters he was married to Erma May Tucker Woodall

Ray Hall


Salmons/Sammons Looking for Any Salmons in Morgan co Ala.They moved from Hart co Ga to this area in 1870 The area was said to be in census Falkville Beat. Doing family tree need info to finish.



Would appreciate the following query going out to other Morgan Co researchers: SMITH, W. B. (Bill) and Clara, 1914, Falkville AL Have info on this couple - looking for their descendants. Clara b c 1898 - possibly from Birmingham AL. Md c 25 Jan 1911, at age 13, to W. B. SMITH, who was a Falkville AL farmer. Both living in Falkville in 1914. Thanks for any leads

Charles Severs


I am interested in the Severs family of Morgan Co AL starting with Daniel H Severs born l802 and his son Stephen B Severs and his wife Susan Graham. glad to share anything related to this family. a grandson Lee Severs and Burt Severs are of special interest as a DNA test of a male offspring might offer an answer to a long standing problem. The answer is likely but is unproven Thanks



Trying to locate information on: John PRATER, born about 1810 in SC and his spouse: Mary born about 1808-1812 in GA. They are listed on the 1870 Morgan Co., AL census. Their children: Elizabeth, (Mary) Jane, Catherine, Lorenzo, Rhoda, Thomas, Bethena, Christopher and John B.Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Laura Williams


I am doing research on my family history and discovered that some of my ancestors were born in Morgan County, AL. Here is what I have learned, so far, but was hoping to find out what Indian Tribe my family stems from. Unfortunately, this seems to be a dead end. If you have any ideas as to how I would find out more on the subject, please let me know. Hattie Caroline Fairdeer: born 25 May 1845 in Morgan Co. died 19 Feb 1877 she was married to: W.O. Nichols: born 10 June 1847 in Morgan Co. died Aug 1877 their child: Charlie Anderson Nichols: born 15 Feb 1868 in Morgan Co. died 16 May 1956 who married Margarette Densmore born about 1870 in Morgan Co. (of S.P. Densmore and Margaret Angeline Watts) and had a child: Cora Lee Nichols: born 6 Sept 1888 in Morgan Co. died 16 Aug 1972 I have been told that the first, Hattie Fairdeer was American Indian, but i am having trouble finding out what tribe and if there is any further information into the past.

Rebecca Davidson


I am looking for any ancestors that were born in Morgan County Alabama,between the years 1750 to 1870. I have already determined that some of my paternal anceestors lived in Morgan County Ala. Their names were William Davidson, Stephen Davidson, Jane Ditto, (Stephen and Jane were married in 1832). I would like to trace further back,into the 18th century.

Teresa Carpenter


I am searching for Rachel Comminse Laura Clara Tine Lively, buried in Morgan Co. Alabama.

Ken Robinson


I am interested in any information you might have on John W Riggs. Born Morgan County Alabama around 1840. Inlisted in the 1St Alabama calvery 1864.

Layne A. Holley


Seeking information on Arch. McNorton as found in the 1830 census of Morgan County, AL. Believed to be the father of Jemima McNorton who married Howell Hays Holley.



Seeking information regarding a William John Jeffers b ca 1849 in GA. Married 1870 to Nancy Jane Cleland in Paulding Co Ga. William supposedly died Nov 1937 in Morgan Co and buried at Hebron Baptist Ch Hulaco, Morgan, Al. Nancy died May 1930 in Marshall Co? Particularly interested in his daughter Susie b ca 1883 in Al. Would like to know if this cem is online somewhere. If not, does any one have a census of the cemetery. Would like to know if Susie is buried there.


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