Jackie Ford 10/24/2002

I am looking for info on J. W. Wilson, wife Fannie in Morgan County, AL in 1880 census. They are my gggrparents and I am looking for specific info on their son, Guy Edwin Wilson, b abt 1866, supposedly in MS. His mother is Fannie Settle. Any info on any of these people would be greatly appreciated.

Suzanna TURNEY 10/22/2002

Looking for records on a Willie or Willis Huey (or Huiey) TURNEY. Born in 1902 (I believe)

Paul Wade 10/8/2002

My Great Grandfather was in Co. A 8th Confederate Regiment with Andrew W. Bowie's Mounted Rangers 8th. His name was Jasper Newton Wade, Private and 2nd Lieutenant. According to records on file with Al. Dept. of Archives & History in Montgomery. I am trying to find further info on him and the battles he was involved in and under which command he served. I have been told that he was a forager with the unit, but I do not know other than that. Any ideas on where I might find more information and research options?

Demaris Ann Hughes Johnson 10/5/2002

I would like to know if anywone has any information on the Richard Hughes from whom Hughes Cave was named. Anything will help. Also directions to Hughes Cave.

Myrna (Julian) Burns 9/28/2002

I believe that my great great grandparents were married in Morgan Co. Alabama but at this point I can't find any documentation.JULIAN, ADAM K. and WILHITE, MARY E. married 22 MAY 1861 Mary Wilhite was also born there in 1843 parents are Claiborne and Sarah Wilhite

Kimberly Hubbard-Morrow 9/18/2002

I am searching for information on William Hubbard from Morgan Co. He was married to Jane Clark from Winston Co. They were married in 1844. They appear on the 1850 Census with three children, California, Palmira, and Eliza. They did have other children and among them was Thomas Hubbard who married Zilla Brown. They are buried at Tharptown Cemetary in Franklin Co. AL. If anyone has any information on this family I would greatly appreciate it.

Eileen Palazzolo 9/18/2002

My great great grandfather William M.SMITH died in Decatur, Ala. Morgan Co. July 19, 1846, he was born in Virginia October 18, 1795. He married Elizabeth GARDINER , July 19, 1819, she died Nov. 6, 1834, he than married Ann GREER June 25, 1835 in Blount Co. Tenn. I am searching fcr his burial place in Decatur or surrounding areas. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 128 S. Third St. Sherman, Il. 62684

W.E. Speaks 9/16/2002

Hansford Speaks is an old name in our family . Can anyone furnish anything on him and his descendents from Morgan County? Thanks.

Cynthia101663@cs.com 9/8/2002

I am trying to locate Henry McCay, he is suppose to be buried at SlipUp Cemetery in Morgan County. I dont have any other info on him. Any info would be greatly appreciated

Joyce M. Green 9/6/2002

I would like to know if anyone has information about Zeria Nix 7/12/1902-8/1974. Zeria is listed in the Social Security Death Index as being a resident of Hartselle, Morgan Co. AL. Was she the daughter of Robert and Theodocia Reaves Cassels. If so she was my grandmother's sister, and I would appreciate any information about her, her husband and descendants.

Connie Suggs Douglas 9/5/2002

I am looking for any info on Will, Willis (J.W) Suggs who lived in Morgan County around 1906-1911 (the year he died) He was married to Nancy Matilda Kelly. She then married Thomas Jones Hopper.

Richard Eddy 9/1/2002

John Eddy was sheriff of Morgan County in, I believe, the 1850's. He is my ancester. Does anyone have any information on him? Thanks.

Mary Doss 8/18/2002

I am interested in find info on my father and his parents. His name was Percy Walton ,He was born in Decatur on 12,24,1900. HIs parents were MAry Frances Bentley his fathers was W C Walton. His mother was from Texas. Her parents ran a newspaper somewhere in AL at the time of his parents marriage.I would appreciate more info if anyone can help me.

Janice Plant Peel 8/18/2002

I am looking for the date that Sivley Cotton Company was located in Decatur. This business probably existed in the early 20th century. It was owned by Hurbert Sivley I think. He was my Great Uncle. Please let me know if you have any information about this Company.

Mark Harris 8/17/2002

My Grandmother Nell TANOURIE born 09/30/1912 in Decatur. The last name, at that time more than likely was spelled TINOURIE, or TANOURIE If you can find/provide me with any specific info about her and her family, I would greatly appreciate your forwarding anything to me.

Linda M. Smith 8/7/2002

I am interested in exchanging info with anyone researching the DUNCAN family who were enumerated twice in the 1850 Morgan County Census. Head of household was JANE DUNCAN, who subsequently moved to Marshall County. Two of her children married into other Morgan County families.

Karon 8/4/2002

Looking for descendants of, or anyone with knowledge about Benjamin Crawford WILSON who was residing in Hartselle, AL in 1922. Was born in NW Georgia circa 1856 (probably Gordon county). May have gone by either given name of Crawford (was listed that way on census records as a child) or "Ben". His father's name was Miles. He had sisters in Chattanooga, TN named Elizabeth Louisa and Rhoda Ellen. He is mentioned in Elizabeth's obituary in 1922 as residing in Hartselle. Also had older sister named Martha, two brothers named William (may have died in War Between States) and Obediah. Don't know what happened to Martha, but brother Obediah WILSON (b.1854 - d.1916) may have married a Selena Cain and also resided near Morgan county AL. (*Is there a Union Hill Free Will Baptist church cemetery in that area?)Very hopeful that someone will recognize these names or perhaps has access to a 1920 census and can help identify names of Benjamin Crawford's wife and children. All help welcome.

Amorn927@aol.com 7/29/2002

I'm looking for a Lurlene Gilbert obituary who died In February 2002. I am also interested in Ruby Parker, Falkville. I don't know when she died. Thank you very much.

Belinda M Brown 7/28/2002

I am looking for descendents of my great aunt, Anna Weiss (Wise). She married Roland Green in Cullman CO. In 1900 Morgan CO. cenus, Trinity -Precenict # 11, they had 2 children, Henry & Minnie. 653 CO, RD 1650 Cullman, AL 35058

Pat Estel 7/22/2002

I had found on the gen.com census site (I think) that Thomas Estel was in Morgon County Al, in Union Grove Cemetery. His date of death was May 28, 1909. Any help would be appreciated I have seem to come to a dead end on searching for my husbands family tree. He was married to Mary Ellis if this helps

Kel 7/16/2002

I am researching my Dad's family. He was born in Trinity Al 1-1-1909. His name was Estes Floyd Horton. His parents were Linda May Phillips and Walker Lee Horton. They were married 8-23-1903 in Morgan County, AL. I haven't been able to find any info. on the kids born to them. There were 4. Any info. would be GREATLY appreciated.

Hldnds@aol.com 7/8/2002

I am trying to find out about the death of the Rev. Moses S. Morris in 1848/1849. He was married to the widow of Jesse Lane and I believe was shot. Are there newspaper or other accounts of that period for Morgan County? He lived in Trinity at the time of his death.

Frank C, Durant 7/8/2002

The 'Two' "SURNAMES" in 'Morgan', and other Alabama Counties, are "Margery HARDIN" and "Magara A. GARRISON". They are the Two 'Mystic' "IDENTITIES" that will apparently "HAUNT" my "Soul" as long as I Live! Records from the National Archives in Washington DC have "Indicating-Documents" in my 'File' that PROVE these Two Ladies are "BOTH" My GG-Grandmother! and are "One-and-the-Same". But, I have NOT found "Any Record on Earth", that 'Tells Me' ?Which? of the Two "Identities" was My Great Great Grandmother?? BUT, there is 'No-doubt about it, The 3rd Son of "One-of-these-Ladies", (which-ever?), was My Great Grandfather; and it is "Handed-down" Common knowledge that His Mother was "Margery HARDIN" the daughter of Augustine Blackburn HARDIN, Sr. and Mary Elizabeth (Garner) HARDIN, of Colunbia, Maury County, Tennessee. BUT, "Margery HARDIN" married under the name of "Magara A. GARRISON', at age of 13, on February 11, 1830; the marriage Licence being Purchased February 9, 1830, in Morgan County, Alabama. (She was 'too-young', and "No-Record" where She was 1st married to Anyone else. Instead, She married "James McCanlis", and they Resided in Meltonsville, Marshall County, Alabama, until 1863. They reared a family of 7. (1850 Census). ANY Help will be Greatly Appreciated, 1124 Powell Circle, Mesquite, Texas 75149.

Linda 6/28/2002

My grandfather Aaron A. Hampton was born in Morgan Co. Al.12-15-1876/1877. His father was Thomas George Washington Hampton,His mother Malinda/Linda Hampton.Anyone out there have info on what town they may have lived near,or would be related to them family line goes to Mahill,John David,Ephraim,Col Andrew,Noah,John

Jeff Pace 6/23/2002

I am interested in information related to the Aldridge family of Morgan County, particularly Meyers Aldridge (1909-1988) and his parents and other immediate family.

Elaine Lewis Lester 6/12/2002

I found a Lewis Franklin Berry who married Sarah Lewis of Spartanburg, SC, abt. 1844. Supposedly he emigrated to Morgan County, AL, and settled 3 miles north of Somerville. He was supposed to be a Baptist(?) minister. I'd like to learn more about Sarah Lewis Berry, as I believe she might be the sister of my "dead end" J. J. "John" Lewis of SC.

peggyr@urisp.net 5/31/2002

Does anyone have any information on the parents or siblings of Jane Harrison Rutledge. Jane was born in NC in 1825 and died in 1899 in Morgan County AL. She was married to Alfred F Rutledge in 1845 in Morgan Cty. Alfred fought in the Civil War and died a P.O.W at Camp Douglas near Chicago, IL in 1863. Jane is buried somewhere near the township of Apple Grove, AL. We haven't been able to locate a gravesite for her to date.

Paul Tidwell 6/5/2002

I inquiring about my grandfather James Arthur Tidwell who was born in Morgan county , Alabama in the late 1800's and married Anne B. Harris also of Morgan county.



Debi 5/9/2002

I'm trying to find information on Hiram and Mary Smith, of Falkville, and William G.W. and Mary Smith, of Falkville, son of Hiram, and Charles, George and H. Jackson Smith, sons of W.G.W. Charles was possibly a doctor. W.G.W. was the first postmaster of Falkville and Hiram and Mary donated land to the Piney Grove Christian Church in Falkville. Does anyone have any information on these Smiths.

genealogylady@worldnet.att.net 5/9/2002

I am looking for information regarding Hiram Poteet (b.1789/99, VA) who lived and died in Morgan Co., in 1878.

Alice Jackson 4/29/2002

Would like to be in contact with any Grammer/Grammar with connections to Morgan Co. A. John Grammer m. Elizabeth Abernathy, March 29, 1792, Dinwiddie, VA John d. Aug 10, 1840 in Morgan Co. AL Elizabeth d. Lawrence Co. MO, 1852 Known residences: VA , Bedford Co TN, Madison Co. AL, Morgan Co. AL. Known children: MARTHA C. Grammer, b. Feb 8,1793 m. Mr. Tucker PLEASANT Grammer, b. May 28, 1795 PETERSON Grammer, b. April 18, 1797 m. Martha Whinery POLLY BURROW Grammer, b. 1799 ELIZA Grammer, b. Feb 20, 1804 m. Mr. Brown MARTHA COLEMAN Grammer, b. Feb 2 1805 JOHN Grammer, b. Dec 29, 1805 m. Sarah Noblitt WILLIAM Grammer, b. Sep 14 1808 LEONARD Grammer, b. Jan 16, 1811 m. Rosetta King JAMES MADISON Grammer, b. Dec 20 1812 MONROE WASHINGTON Grammer, b. Jan or Feb 11, 1819 ?(?JOSEPH) COLEMAN Grammer, b. Jan or Feb 5, 1820

Patricia Thomas Hill 4/20/2002

I am looking for information on James Preston Canada who married Caroline Elizabeth Maze. They are both buried at Lebanon Cemetery in Morgan County. I know that James died in 1945 and Caroline (Bettie) died in 1964.

Jimi Vernie 4/09/2002

John Franklin Weaver owned broom factory - known as Albany Broom Works or as Weaver Broom factory, circa 1913. Factory had fire and may or may not have rebuilt -looking for photos, stories, etc about the broom works- John was married to Sarah Elizabeth West - family moved from "old homestead" in Bedford Co Tn. In 1914, John and Sarah's 9th child, Clarence Felix was born in Albany/Decatur Morgan Co. AL I am especially interested in their first child, James William WEAVER He married Pearl Gale Brown in 1913, and they lived in Decatur for while. He is my mother's father.

Patt Jenks 3/26/2002

I'm trying to find information on Columbus McCluskey and wives, buried in Hartselle, AL. His children are Tennis and Minnie. Any information would be so helpful. 1400 Broadway Cogswell Bldg C-216 Helena, MT 59620 406-444-0273

David Van Brunt 3/25/2002

I am trying to get some ancestral info on my wife's side of the family. Her Great Great Grandfather was George Washington Presley. He was born in Lauderdale City, AL on 1/12/1872. I'm not sure which county that is in, but his wife, Sarah Francis, was born in Morgan County (not sure exactly where) on Dec 28, 1875. They had some children in AL then moved on to Mississippi. I am told that she is either full or half-blooded Choctaw Indian.

Clark Compton 3/20/2002

Seeking information on John A. L. Murray, married Sarah Ann Ward in Morgan Co., Oct. 1837. They appear in the 1840 census with 1 child under 5. Have not been able to find since. Would appreciate any information.

Penelope Loring Johnson 3/08/2002

I am looking for any information about the Klein and Loehring-Loring families. John Klein is in Morgan County in the 1870 Census and he married Theresa Mader about 1870. Both were born in Germany. By 1880 they are in Jefferson County, AL. The John Herman Loring family is in the Cullman County 1870 Census and Morgan County 1880 Census. His son Joseph Bernard Loring married John Klein's daughter Kate Klein in 1904.

Charlotte Alman 3/09/2002

Would like to contact anyone working on th Amos Ridge line.The family was in Morgan Co. in 1840 and had moved to Sevier Co.,AR by 1850

Denise Defoe-Decker 3/06/2002

I am searching for the family of my g-grandfather, ANDREW JACKSON DEFOE. He was born in July 1879 in AL (probably Morgan County). His family is listed in the 1880 Census, Twp. 7, Beat 9, Morgan, AL as: DEFOE, JOHN Self b.1857 est. Birthplace TN DEFOE, MARY J. Wife b.1852 est. Birthplace TN DEFOE, NANCY B. Dau b. 1871 est. Birthplace AL DEFOE, JOSIE A. Dau b. 1874 est. Birthplace AL DEFOE, JAMES A. SON b. 1877 est. Birthplace AL DEFOE, ANDREW J. SON b. 1879 est. Birthplace AL Some of this family ended up in AR around 1900. I have a GREAT! Portrait of this family taken approx 1910 and would love to share it with other decedents of this family

LouMarie54@cs.com 2/24/2002

I am looking for decendants of W.W. Clayton and Mrs. L.L. Britt (Lucy L.?) Clayton who were married in Leesdale, AL. in Morgan County. They were married Dec. 7, 1914. Her age was listed as 44 and W.W.(W.M.W.) as 66. Residence of man was listed as Falkville,AL and place of residence of the woman as Leesdale,AL.

Terri Billeck 2/23/2002

I'm looking for info on a Theophalus Dean. I know that he married Elizabeth Thomas in 1853, I know that he was in Russell's 4th Cavalry, I know his children's names.I'm looking for info on his parents or siblings. Anyone with ANY information, please let me know.

jdcs@jps.net 2/22/2002

I believe my husband's great grandfather used to live in Morgan County. His name was John C.S Simmons and he was married to a Sarah______?. They had several children. One of their sons was William Jefferson Simmons who married Amanda Vest. Amanda was the daughter of Parthena Glasscock Vest and George Washington Vest. I know they had a daughter named Nancy Simmons who may have married a Mr. riddle and another daughter named Lucinda Simmons who married a Mr. riddle. John C and Sarah had other children besides William Jefferson, Nancy and Lucinda but these are the only ones I ever heard of. I don't know what happened to the Riddle husbands but I think Lucinda later married a man by the last name of Winder and Nancy married a man by the last name of King. Perhaps the Riddle men were killed in the Civil War and that is only a guess. William Jeffersonand Amanda had a son born in Morgan County before they left for Arkansas and then Texas. This son was named Elrey Elbridge Simmons. For a time John C. Simmons and at least parts of his family lived in or around La Vaca, Arksansas. Eventually Elrey Elbridge and his wife moved to Oklahoma which was then Indian Territory. The town they settled in was Stigler, OK. I am wondering if you have any information or can tell me how I could find more information about this family when they lived in Alabama. I think they left sometime during the beginning of the Civil War. Thanks for any information you could give me.

Shirley Denney 02/16/2002

William WILEY is listed in the 1830 Madison Co. census and in Morgan Co. 1850 he's living next to Elijah WILEY. William WILEY b abt 1800, m 1830, Jane MILLER b abt 1809. William may have married first, Betsey WEBSTER on Jul 29 1818 Madison Co AL WILEY children: James b 1821 - Malinda b 1829 - Matilda b 1838 - Mariah b 1839 - Jane Rebecca b 1842 - Thomas Jefferson b 1844 - Mary P. b 1845 - Sophia L. b 1847 - William b 1849 - George Washington b 1853, my ancestor. Jane WILEY is found with the children in Winston Co. AL in the 1860 census and then the family drops of the face of the earth except for three WILEY children. James WILEY is found in IL. Thomas J. and George W. WILEY are found in Scott Co. AR. 1870 . Willing to share information.

damewood@infi.net 02/13/2002

Seeking parents of Bartholomew Phillips (b. about 1823) and was in Morgan County, Alabama with his family in 1870. I am also looking for the parents of Ebenizer Johnson (b. about 1830 in Alabama). He was in Morgan County, Alabama, in 1870 with his family. This census shows his wife as Martha.

Jerry Brumbelow 02/10/2002

I am interested in any information on the marriage of Joel ( or Joseph) BRUMBELOE (W) to SUSAN MAEFIELD of Morgan county in 1870's. Also of her death (1874-78).

Duesie1@yahoo.com 02/05/2002

John Rose was in Morgan County on September 9, 1873. He used the Notary Public John T. Banks to help him sell his property in Tennessee. He probably was going to buy land in Morgan County, Alabama. His wife's name is Margaret and possibly had 2 or 3 sons (Phillip, Julius, John) and daughter Mary. Am trying to find out if he is buried in Morgan County. It would be between 1873 and 1880).Seeking any information on the Rose Family. Any help will be appreciated.

bevkey03@bellsouth.net 01/28/2002

William C. and Sarah A. SLATEN are listed in the 1900 Morgan County census with Noah (19), Ida (17), Maude (15), Claude (12), and Carrie J. (7). Ida SLATON married Chester PRICE in the county, 1903, but I cannot find them after 1910. Can anyone help?

Sandy Deckard 01/27/2002

Any info on a Robert C. MATHEWS who was in Decatur, Morgan Co. 1870, subdivion 35, & his daughter, Julia MATHEWS who married a John ROUSE,who's children were born from 1875 to 1879 in Al.

JoannVanBoven@aol.com 01/20/2002

I am looking for the Wyatt family in Decatur, Morgan Co. about 1900.also the Croy family. Any leads would be appreciated.

Aletha Brown 01/19/2002

I am looking for any information on the Selveys from Morgan County, Alabama. Rachel Naomi Selvey was born May 9, 1864 and died Nov. 29, 1909. She is buried in Addison, Alabama with her husband Jacob Pitman Fortenberry. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

LarryCham@cs.com 01/19/2002

we are checking on charles ryan, francis fannie johnson married 9/25/ l908. any other information on charles ryan in morgan county, ala. will be appreciated.

gaye@shocking.com 01/08/2002

Searching for information on great grandfather, James Rufus Parker, b 1852. lived in Hartselle, Morgan County, Al, married to Mary Ann Pamelia Smith and they had David Rufus, John Tandy, James Albert, Etta E, Nancy Jane and Sidney Acue. They moved to Arkansas prior to 1893. Possible ancestor is John J. Parker, b 1809 in York Co., SC, moved to Hartselle area about 1828, married Elizabeth Junkins on July 25, 1832, d 1850 in Morgan County and is buried in a cemetery near the old Frickey home near Flint Creek. Information about John from an unpublished genealogy of William Parker 1775-1826 of York County, SC.

Sandra Ford 01/05/2002

Peter W. Stovall was born in Morgan County on November 24, 1823. Drury Stovall died in Morgan County in 1872. Drury is buried at the Stovall Cemetery in Morgan County Alabama. We are not sure of the facts. We would appreciate any information you might have on these two men, or information on the Stovall Cemetery.

strainsa@netzero.net 01/03/2002

My great grandfather, David A. Strain showed up in the Morgan county 1870 census records (age 16) along with a Mary C. Strain (age 55). I am trying to determine if this is my great great grandmother and who she was married to (when, where, what happened to him). Anything would be appreciated.

RepAlciere@aol.com 12/10/2001

Looking for descendants of William McClanahan (b. abt 1819 in AL) and Caroline McGlathery (b. abt 1823 in AL) and they m. 22 July 1841 in Morgan County.

mary3@mindspring.com 12/07/2001

Have spent the day searching for Isham Watkins Fennell,M.D. I found he is buried in the Coutland Cemetery. He has a CSA marker that doesn't tell his death date. Broken marker beside his grave I assume might be his wife, Mary Arnold Fennell. Found the people in Courtland and Moulton to be super nice and helpful. I still would like to find when Dr. Fennell died and where he was at the time of his death. He was in Lawrence County in 1902 at the time of his wife's death. He is not on the Confedeate Roll of 1907 for Lawrence County. Rumor had him in Cataco Valley- He was born in Marshall County, Alabama around 1841. I know of two daughters, one LuLu , one Mattie. Info supplied showed a Mattie W. Fennell married W. B. Maxon 5/17/1902 Book I page 11, Morgan County. Can anyone help me find out more about this family.

Alice Leonard 12/07/2001

I am searching for information on James T Vandergrift & his family. I found him listed in the 1920 Census for Morgan Co, Ryans Crossroads. I believe he may be my missing ggrandfather from Arkansas. This is all the information I have as of now. Census Record 1920 JAMES T VANDERGRIFT 52 EMMA wife 48 OLIVER son 15 BERTHA daughter 7 Death Record Vol 1 Roll 2 Page 376 J.T VANDERGRIFT died Jan 24, 1921 Morgan Co.Al Any information will be greatly appriciated, if this is in fact my missing ggrandfather, I have information on a prior marriage & family that I am willing to share



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