Amanda Brown Matthews 12/05/2001 10:09:56 PM Central Standard Time

I was born in Morgan County, Decatur Hospital I believe. My birth name was Amanda Beasley. I was born October 5, 1978. I believe my parents were Richard? Pricilla? Beasley. Has been told to me that my birthmother had brain damage. Do not know. I was taken by welfare and given back to birth mother then taken again and adopted by the Brown family. Desperately trying to find birth parents. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

George William Hartselle, Jr. 12/03/2001 11:16:52 AM Central Standard Time

I am George Hartselle, Jr. from Decatur, Ala. My grandfather was E.I. Hartselle. I am related to some of the Hartsell's presently living in Hartselle, although we spell our names differently. I would be interested to know if my ancestors are the same people given credit for the town's name? I understand the aforementioned Hartselle family moved to Morgan County from North Carolina. From where in Europe did they originally imigrate.

Donna Sutliff 11/30/2001 9:03:47 AM Central Standard Time

I am seeking information about the Family of David and Edey Grubbs, the children were John b. TN, Washington b. TN, and William b. TN, and Edwin b. TN and Martha Grubbs, and also Mary A McDonald living in the house hold of David Grubbs in 1870, in Somerville Township, Morgan County, Alabama.

Chuck James 11/23/2001 7:16:50 AM Central Standard Time

I am looking for information on my Great-grandmother. She was, Vilena Davis born 6 March 1893 and died in Cullman on 8 January 1978. She was married on 9 April 1909 to my Great-grandfather Adam Fredrick Galin from Cullman. I think they were married in Decatur but I have found no record on it. I really have no information on her Davis Family. My living family does not know anything about her parents other than they were from Courtland, Alabama. I would love to find out who her parents are and where they are buried. I would love to find her brothers and sisters and find some living cousins who can help me fill in the missing pieces.

Cynthia Garcia 11/17/2001 8:36:50 PM Central Standard Time

I'm trying to reach data from Albert Washington who was born on Morgan, Alabama around 1853. He was a horse trotter and moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm trying to find his parents. Any information where I could go would be appreciated.

Jay Hudson 11/16/2001 6:31:45 PM Central Standard Time

I'm looking for information on Thomas A. Bryant and or descendants. I believe that Thomas and his 1st wife (Emma Francis Robbins Bryant) are buried somewhere in Morgan County. He and his 2nd wife (Georgia) are listed in the 1910 census in the Harselle precinct (#10), as family 26/27. I believe Thomas A. may have died in 1916. I would appreciate any information anyone can provide.

Donna Sutliff 11/14/2001 7:52:02 AM Central Standard Time

I am looking for the family of Rachel Grubbs who lived in Weavers Mill, in 1870, and also any relatives of David & Edey Grubbs, their children John, Edwin, Martha and Washington Grubb's, they lived in Sommerville, Morgan County in 1870. David and Edey are buried in Somerville Cemetery as is Edwin and wife Sarah. If you are related to this family would you contact me

LouMarie54@cs.com 11/04/2001 7:07:41 PM Central Standard Time

I am searching for information on these two people: Mrs. L.L. Britt from Leesdale,AL. who married W.M.W. Clayton from Falkville,AL. on Dec. 7, 1914 in Morgan Co. AL. The age of the woman was listed as 40, so that would place her date of birth around 1874. the age of the man was listed as 60. The religious beliefs of both were Baptist. The occupatrion of the man was listed as minister. The number of marriages of both was listed as 2. Please anyone that could shed light on these two people would be greatly appreciated. I believe the above mentioned man could be my gg-grandfather. I also believe that Clayton could have married Lucritia Jane(Mary)Culver before his marriage to Mrs. L.L. Britt. Thank You.

Bobby E. Gilliam 10/28/2001 10:24:22 PM Central Standard Time

Henry Berry Married Cinthia Turley in Morgan County, Al on Christmas Day, 1823. Henry's first wife had died. They are burried in Drew County, Arkansas, my ancestors on Mother's side. Can anyone tell me of any more surviving records. Cinthia was a twin girl from Germany, Parents not over hear. 876 Audubon Pl., Shreveport, LA 71105

wmtray@gbis.com 10/23/2001 6:17:15 PM Central Daylight Time

I am looking for information on the family of David Pait. This Pait family was living in or around Somerville about 1850-60. I have a little information to exchange.

Bobbi Spanabel Grossen 10/23/2001 1:41:33 PM Central Daylight Time

I am looking for a Lana Huffman Spanabel (Spanable) who came from Jackson County, Ohio in the 1880's or 1890's. She died in 1926 in Morgan County. Her son was Frederick who was born in Ohio August 30, 1891 and died October 7, 1960. Looking for anyone with that same last name.

RandWCarter@aol.com 10/21/2001 7:41:17 PM Central Daylight Time

I am trying to locate any ancestors with surname BRADBERRY from Morgan County. Family sources indicate my paternal grandfather BRADBERRY,Oliver Byrd was born in Morgan County 16 July 1868; however, thus far, I am not been able to verify the information.

Leslie Thompson Frisius 10/20/2001 1:26:05 PM Central Daylight Time

Sarah A. Thompson m. John Monroe Cranford 19 Oct 1843 in Morgan Co. Any leads or clues about both would be appreciated. Looking especially for information on Thompson line. Ssarah's brother Jeremiah (b abt 1826 in Georgia) m. Mary Dill abt 1846, then Lyida Odom in early 1860 Walker County.

Margaret Whitfield 10/17/2001 9:42:02 AM Central Daylight Time

They lived in Morgan county Alabama, Talluch, not sure of the spelling, county seat was Sommerville and noe Decatur, Alabama . Sammuel Breeding will was filled in MadisonCounty, Huntsville, Alabama where he gage Milly and child to Lucinda Draper, after the death o her husband H.S. Draper she married James H, Sharp June 12, 186l. What happen to Milly and Lucinda after this?

Cindy Jordan 10/10/2001 3:14:41 PM Central Daylight Time

I am trying to find birth and death dates for RALPH DEAN JR "RJ". He was the son of RALPH WILLIAM DEAN, and BEULAH WESLEY "SIMMONS" DEAN. He is buried at Bartee cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama. He has a small headstone, that you can barely read, and it only says, "RJ". We believe he was born about 1935, in Morgan county. He died as a child about 7 years old. Please, if anyone has any knowledge of his dates, we need them to get a headstone with his dates engraved. Other children of RALPH and BEULAH are Billy Dean, Fayerene Dean, James W. Dean, and Netty Sue Dean. If there is anyone in Morgan county that remembers this family, and might know someone that has "RJ`S" dates...we would greatly appreciate the help

Phil Daniel 10/07/2001 11:57:52 PM Central Daylight Time

I would appreciate any information on Mattie B. Danile who married Walter F. White on Dec. 24, 1899 in Morgan Co. Mattie was my grandfather;s sister. I really have no information on my grandfather's family

Diana Stevens 10/01/2001 7:38:10 PM Central Daylight Time

Am trying to research Charles Hays who is listed in the 1830 Morgan co census. born about 1800 and is probably related to Hayses in Greene co tn and Augusta and Rockbridge co Va.

Dyvonne R Lopez 9/24/2001 7:49:40 PM Central Daylight Time

I am looking for the surname RIDGEWAY. My grandfather was Frank Ridgeway he and his wife Josephine Hazzard Ridgeway raised their 17 children in Morgan county.

Asenath 09/22/2001 3:59:26 PM Central Daylight Time

I am looking for information about the parents of John J Cox. He is age 27 in the 1850 Morgan Co. census record with his wife, Mary Ann Marchbanks and two children; John age 4 and Beatrice age 2.

LouMarie54@cs.com 9/22/2001 1:32:02 AM Central Daylight Time

I am seeking infomation regarding my gg-grandfather, W.W. Clayton, born in GA., Dec.7,1845 and died in 1920 in Morgan Co. AL. He was also known as the Rev. Bill Clayton and was a Baptist preacher. His father was Thomas B. Clayton who was born in GA. abt.1804-05. His siblings were as follows: Stephen A., born 1828, T.J., born 1826, Jack, born 1837, Nancy E.J., born 1830, Martha born 1833, Mary Ann, born 1836, John Monroe, born May,1847; Talitha Ellen, born July 1851. W.W.(William Washington) and many of his brothers and sisters lived in and around the areas of Falkville, Lacon and Hartselle. Surely, someone knows of him or his brothers /sisters. There must still be descendents of this family around Morgan Co. "ANY" information, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.

Dorris Rice 09/18/2001 6:17:32 PM Central Daylight Time

I need to find the death and burial of Sarah Elizabeth STORY MORELAND wife of Harry M MORELAND m1888. She died about 1890. Also the death and burial of John D MORELAND and his wife Jane ROBINSON MORELAND . They were on the 1860 census of Morgan Co.

Pat Morrow Fouts 09/14/2001 7:03:52 PM Central Daylight Time

Jim Morrow from N.C. to Morgan County Al. he died 1910, Married Betty Elders, died 1934, they had several kids, My father was wilbert John Morrow, born 1900, died 1986 lived his whole life in Morgan County Al. Laceys Springs, Somerville, Al. I would like info on Jim and Betty, Jim was married 2 or 3 times and had a son Aurther Morrow that married a Otelia West, they lived at Somerville ,Al on 6 mile rd. I am seeking any info on these people

Pam Patton 09/07/2001 11:12:04 PM Central Daylight Time

I am searching for information on the family of Varnie Alton Lawrence who married Minnie Belle Seymour and had 10 children.

Donald Harrison 09/07/2001 12:18:54 AM

I am looking for information on Greene P. Rice who I think lived in the Somerville area. Mr. Rice was a state senator in the 1830's and a representative in the 1850's. Also he was a judge. I do not know much about his family except that his daughter, Josephine Rice, married Josiah Patterson probably in the 1850's. Their son, Malcolm Rice Patterson, was governor of Tennessee in the early 1900's. Any information that you have or knowledge of where to find information on Greene P. Rice would be appreciated.

Luanne Spence Taylor 08/27/2001 3:13:10 PM

My grandparents WILLIAM HENRY LANG (1802-) and his wife REBECCA WALLACE (l810-) were married 30 Jan 1834 in Morgan County AL and the marriage license was also issued in Limestone County, AL. I have REBECCA's line but need the parents of WILLIAM HENRY I do know by the 1850 census that he was born in Scotland. I have only found a THOMAS LANG and his wife MARTHA in the 1820 census in Limestone County, AL Could they be related? There are several indentures mentioning accounts with this family and naming the Elliot, Edmondson and Beaty families among others. There is nothing to give me more information. REBECCA died in Cherokee County, TX where she moved with her brothers. I have no idea of what happened to WILLIAM HENRY LANG. I would appreciate any help.

Karon 08/22/2001 12:00:17 AM

My great grandmother's older brother, Benjamin Crawford Wilson resided in Hartselle, AL in 1922, and possibly as early as 1870s. He was born in the 1850s. He was married and I believe had children in the area but do not have names for any descendants. The family was originally from north west GA, Gordon and Walker counties but split up after the War Between the States. Some moved to AL and some to Chattanooga, TN. Ben's father's name was Miles Wilson, he had two brothers William and Obediah, 4 sisters, one who went by the name Fi but real name was Elizabeth Louisa. Would love to hear from someone who has knowledge of Benjamin Crawford Wilson.

Jimi Vernie 08/15/2001 4:45:47 PM

My mother's grandfather, John Franklin Weaver owned the Albany Broom Co./Factory. I have heard it called Dixie Broom Co as well. It was located in Albany in Morgan County - there was a fire - the Weaver's lived on Moulton Ave & I wonder if the factory was there as well? Looking for any records about the broom company - have wonderful photo of my grandmother Pearl (Brown) Weaver holding two of the "speciality " brooms. any leads would be wonderful

Dene Walls 08/01/2001 10:57:20 PM

Seeking information on Nancy Ann Elizabeth Briscoe, daughter of Thomas Huell Lawson Briscoe and Sarah Lasseter. She was born 1856, married first Charles Adkins in Morgan Co in 1878. They went to St Francis, Arkansas, for his health, but he died shortly after arriving. She returned to Morgan Co and married John Lafayette Plemmons in Morgan Co in 1882. They lived in the Falkville area of Morgan Co. Looking for her siblings and ancestors.

templeton 07/31/2001 3:47:54 AM

I am searching for info Re. Parents Thomas and Martha Eskridge Lipscomb whose son James was born 1837 in Morgan Co. and married in Morgan Co. AL to Jemima Rivers on 2 Jan. 1860. Many siblings and sebsequent descendants were born and married in Morgan Co.

Shelley R. Woodson 07/27/2001 10:09:05 AM

I am seeking any information regarding Solomon SANDERS/SAUNDERS, b. 1810, perhaps in Georgia, Morgan Co., AL. He married Sarah UNKNOWN. His father may have been William Sanders/Saunders or Benjamin Sanders/Saunders. Solomon purchased land in Monroe Co., MS in 1841. He also appears to have purchased land in Lebanon Co., AL (?) in 1848. My family eventually ended up in Dyer County, TN (1860's). Thanks for any help you can offer.

Marylee Smith 07/26/2001 3:00:19 PM

Looking for any connection or information on Melkija (spelling may vary) VAUGHN. He lived in what is now Morgan County in early 1800s. He was one of the signers of the 1st Alabama constitution when the constitution convention was held at Huntsville in 1819. The location of his grave in Morgan County is also needed.

Dteaches@aol.com 07/23/2001 12:37:10 PM

i am a descendant of nathaniel jackson johnson who was born in morgan alabama february 25, 1860 according to the info i have beyond that i have nothing no records of parents a drew johnson signed the loyalty oath in 1865 and i have a copy of the oath so he must have been kin to nathaniel in some way they lived on the mount alvis place

Lisa Bridges 06/27/2001 8:22:40 AM

I am looking for information on William A. HANKINS, my great-grandfather, who appears on the 1880 Census in Morgan County, Alabama, with his wife, Catharine, and children, Willie, Callie, Mollie and Frank. Have been unable to find the names of his parents and would appreciate any leads.

charline blalock 06/26/2001 9:08:10 AM

In our family, there is an interesting tale:When the Union soldiers were marching into E.Tenn,my gr-gr-grfather,(Robert?)Hensley,a tavern owner in Loudon, fled with his wife&children down to Decatur AL.The story went that they were able to cross the Tenn River while it was FROZEN OVER -this cannot have happened too many times! They must have been there a number of years, because my gr-grandmother,Cora Alice Hensley was born in AL, supposedly Decatur (c.1882),but spent most of her youth in Roane Co,TN.We also know that her father was in the Battle of Chickamauga.I would like to know if there is any way to confirm such a "freeze" during the Civil War years in Morgan Co,or where this family may have lived,where her siblings went to school,etc.It is my understanding that Alice and her mother(Mary Raulston Hensley) were often left to fend for themselves.ANY info would be most appreciated.

Grady E Griggs 06/24/2001 7:33:18 PM

Searching for my paternal GGGrandmother Susan (Sasin or Lucy) SULLIVAN b 1810-1815 m William ATTKISSON about 1833. P O Box 148 Norris TN 37828

Stanley Williams 06/23/2001 1:48:49 AM

Looking for info on the ancestors of Florence Moliny MINOR (MINER) b 12 July 1854 Morgan Co. AL probably daughter of Thomas Daniel MINOR (MINER) and Molinda (Melinda) AYERS (AYRES). Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Janet Shapiro 06/17/2001 10:05:52 AM

Martha CHURCHILL was born ~1850 in TN. She married ~1870 to an unknown MILES. They had 2 daughters, Elizabeth Belle MILES born 1872 and Annie Pauline MILES born 1874. Mr. Miles died by 1880 census, where Martha is in Iuka, MS. Elizabeth married Ernest Dunn in Lee Co. MS in 1892. Annie married John Ledbetter in Lamar Co. AL in 1893. Martha, by family history, is buried in Decatur. Seeking death date and place of Martha Churchill MILES.

Bonya Ross Guthrie 06/12/2001 7:03:59 PM

Looking for HAWKINS/DUTTON info from Morgan Co., AL as far back as it can go. Calvin Ross Hawkins, my grandfather, & siblings, Earnest Nathaniel, Henry Bynum, Clida Orlena, Nina, Fannie Christine, James Ellis M., David Mason, Joseph Otto, Eula, & Katie Mildred.

Lois Edwards 06/10/2001 2:09:04 PM

Would like information on Elizabeth Blanton on 1850 Morgan Co AL census. Living in with husband John Blanton. What was her maiden name? Oldest child was named Elizabeth Sara Smith. Any help is appreciated.

Linda Gilliland 06/04/2001 6:54:39 AM

My gr grandfather Doctor Franklin Price b. 1858 may have been born in Morgan Co. I have been looking or proof of his birth in these counties. Morgan, Lawrance, Marshall, Blount, Winston . My gr grandmother was Sarah c. Smith b. 1857. They had five living children and were living in the Garden City area in 1900. The children were: 1. John A. Price b. 1879 2. Levi S. Price b. 1883 3. Mary Lucie Price b.1885 4. William R. Price b. 1887 5. Thomas C. Price b. If any of these Prices seem familiar, Please contact me Thanks in Advance

joyce howard 06/03/200110:48:11 PM


Cherryl Fikes 06/03/2001 10:41:48 AM

All these ancestors were at one time in Morgan Co. Any information would be appreciated. Benjamin Williamson Johnson (1834-1890) m Lucy Jane Wood Mary Gibson Stovall (1819-1848) m. Benjamin Franklin Wood Drury Stovall, Jr (1789-1864) m. Margaret "Peggy" Orr

Demaris Ann Johnson 05/27/2001 6:34:27 AM

Does anyone know anything about a Jerry Brown wife Ida Brown in Morgan Co., Ala.? Would have passed away in the 50s.Thank you.

Janet Shapiro 05/25/2001 5:46:23 PM

I am seeking the burial place of Martha Churchill Miles. She was born in 1850 in TN. She was living in Iuka, MS in 1880 census. Her daughters were Annie Pauline Miles, who married John R. Ledbetter in 1892 in Lee Co. MS and Elizabeth Belle Miles, who married in 1892 in Lamar Co. AL. Family history is that Martha is buried in Decatur. Thanks for any assistance.

Cheryl Norton 05/24/2001 8:26:36 PM

William H.Tunstill served in the 7th Cavalry Co. D. Alabama, he was on the 1860 census as living in Somerville. Hi, I am working on my family history and wanted to add something to Morgan County. Thanks

Jackie (Woodward) Johnston 05/21/2001 1:26:02 PM

ARP, Collin: Madison & Cotaco (Morgan) Counties Alabama: early 1800's I am looking for information on Collin ARP (Cullen EARP) that was living in Cotaco County in 1820. I believe he may have tried to buy land in Madison County, Alabama. Would like information on his family too. Any information would be appreciated. Spelling of names may vary. Thanks in advance.

dunk1432@swbell.net 05/19/2001 3:35:23 AM

Abram Wilson and Sarah Jane Nesmith, both of Morgan Co, AL, married Oct 6, 1870 in neighboring Lawrence Co, AL. The surety bond was signed by W.P. Chitwood. Can anyone make a connection between the Chitwood, Wilsonand/or Nesmith families? Also trying to find a H. H. Crosby and S. E. Crosby who wrote a letter to the Probate Judge of Lawrence Co giving Abram permission to marry. There was also a Sarah Crosby who was living next door to Abram on the 1870 census. She was shown as 21 yrs., born GA and blind. No adult male in the home. Also showed a son, Jas. W, age 9 months, born AL. Was she kin to the Crosby couple? Abram is shown on the census as age 18, born GA, white male farmer, living in the home of a Mary Woodall, age 33, born SC, keeping house. No other male in the home. Any help of ANY kind appreciated. Trying to identify parents and siblings of Abram.

Mitzi 05/17/2001 11:19:55 PM

Looking for Hanson Reynolds in 1860 Morgan Co., AL. In 1861 he md Melvina Martin. Trying to see if Hanson was killed in Civil War.

Anne Jones 05/15/2001 4:55:03 PM

Searching for the family of Randolph McDonald of Morgan Co. Al. He was born 1757 in Va. Died in Morgan Co. Al. July 22, 1845. He lived in Jefferson Co. Tn. for a period of time before leaving for Al. I am searching for his daughter, Rosanna McDonald Daugherty born Dec. 10, 1801 in Jefferson Co., Tn.

Betty Stringer 05/13/2001 9:28:18 PM

Seeking any information on Robert R. Walker. He is listed on the 1870 Morgan County census with wife Lucinda, Walker children including my great-grandfather, James(William) and Lucinda's "Vawter" step-daughter and her son John Vawter from her marriage to Russell Vawter. Not sure as to the mother of the Walker children, but her name is believed to be Frances Humphrey. Robert R. was born about 1825, James William was born 06 Jan 1853, died 03 Aug 1951. Would appreciate ANY information.

LouMarie54@cs.com 04/15/2001 9:11:46 PM

I am looking for information on my gr.gr.grandfather,W.W. Clayton who lived in Morgan Co. He and his wife, Jane Culver, are buried at Lebannon Cemetery in Falkville. I have been told that he was a Baptist preacher, but I have yet to find the church or churches he pastored over. He died in 1920 and served as chaplain in the civil war. On his service records, he was listed in the 27th AL Regiment, but his name does not appear on any muster rolls. He could have also been listed as Rev. Bill Clayton. Jane and his children were: James M., my gr. grandfather, Rhoda Annah E., William J., D. Gibbs, George Jefferson, John B., and Mary Ella. Please, anyone having any infor on him, his wife, or sons/daughters

Hazel Kidd Lawson 04/01/2001 2:12:23 PM

My greatgrandparents were Littleton Riley Jean and Angelina. She married Thomas Slatten (various spellings) in Georgia. They had a son mamed Thomas J. Slatten after the father, and a daughter, Samantha Slatten. Thomas died, then Angelina married Littleton Riley Jean, living in Alabama, Morgan, Winston, Walker,and Cullman. Do you have any information on this particula Angelina, her maiden name, and if this is the same person as my great-grandmother. Her date of birth is approximately 1830-1834. Thank you.

Alan Bailey 03/29/2001 1:54:06 AM

Norman Bailey was born 14 May 1927 to James and Winnie Bailey . He lived in Decateur and went to school there. I am trying to trace any relatives that might be there or the where abouts of decendants of James or Winnie. May be there is a record of Normans school record. You help will be appreciated.

Pat Patterson 03/26/2001 6:33:41 AM

I am seeking information on David N. and wife, Mary Elizabeth (Nee:Francis) Patterson that lived in Lacon circa 1889. Also seeking information on Willis Henry Gibson and wife Laticia Adrien Gibson that lived in Massey in the late 1800s - 1920. Also information on John B. Gibson, b April 19, 1836 - died Jan 21, 1920 in Massey. His wife was Melinda Ann Reeves, b Feb 27, 1840 - died Jun 19, 1930 in Massey. Any help would be appreciated.

Chris Layman 03/20/2001 11:38:59 AM

There is listed in the 1900 census under Dist#131 Apple Grove and Ryans Crossroads: James A. Lammons born 1846 Houston Lammons born 1878 Harvy E. Lammons born 1872 Can anyone tell me is these are family members or anything else about them?

Lee Bice 03/18/2001 9:08:56 PM

I am looking for some information on my father-in-laws great-grandfather Livingston (first name not know at this time). No known birth date or death. He had a daughter name - Challey (spelling unknown). She married Ben McNutt in Morgan County, Alabama (we think). If you have any information we would really appreciate it. Sorry we don't have anymore details --- wished we did.

Mary Simerly 03/17/2001 11:41:55 AM

Looking for parents or siblings of BENJAMIN (BEN) SIMPSON b. abt 1886 in Morgan County Alabama, d. 1960-1970 in Decatur Morgan County Alabama & is buried somewhere there, I can't find out where. He m. 1st Mary Burt they had 4 children Lucile, Harold, Velma & unknow male who died young. Mary died when Velma was very young. He m. 2nd wife EUFIE NELL SANDERSON . Does anyone have any info. on this family? Ben was my grandfather I only saw him a few times as a child.

Jim Sims 03/11/2001 11:14:58 AM

Researching children of Joel Sims who was in Morgan Co. from 1823 to his death in 1827. His widow remarried Wm. Hodges, a much older man in 1830. I wish to establish email contact with JOHNSIMS@Charter.net who is a Valentine and Samuel Sims researcher. I have received emails but my replies to not go through.Any help is appreciated.

Hannah Wiggins Brewer 02/22/2001 10:41:34 AM


Paula dunk1432@swbell.net

I have a Sarah Wilson shown on page 433 on the 1860 Morgan Co, AL census in the township of Valhermoso. Is Valhermoso located near Decatur? I found a Sarah Crosby who bought land in AL and the land office was given as Elba, with the base line given as St.Stephens. Is Elba located in Morgan County? What does it mean......base line: St. Stephens? If anyone has access to the 1860 Federal Census for Morgan Co, I sure would appreciate a look up to see if a Sarah Wilson and an Abram or Abe Wilson can be found and also if an S. E. or Sarah Crosby and H. H. Crosby can be found. Abraham/Abram/Abe may possibly be in this Crosby household by 1860. I hope to find all of these people in Morgan County or at least in a neighboring county for the year of 1860. Can anyone help me?

Rodney Horn 02/18/2001 10:26:10 AM

I am looking for information about Zany David Wright. He was my maternal grandfather and divorced my grandmother (Susie Viola Wiley) before my mother was born in 1926. He subsequently married a lady named Gussie. From the little I know, they lived for many years in Hartselle and may have been in the furniture business. I am also told that he and Gussie had no children.

Annette Ditto 02/17/2001 8:12:31 PM

I am looking for information on William Davidson said to be born in Margan county, Alabama in 1780 died in 1840 found him on the 1830 census with his brothers names. Davidson, Henry, 21 Davidson, Joshua, 4 Davidson, Richard, 15 Davidson,Wm., 21 He married a Callie Lipscomb, if anyone has info on these names Please contact me I am very interested in collecting more infromation on this line

Joan Taylor 02/10/2001 9:30:29 PM

Searching for William Garret Echols married in Morgan County. Children possibly named as Sarah S. Echols, Joseph L. Echols, John Echols and Ellen Echols. Joseph was born in 1853, John born in 1856 and Ellen born in 1858. Marriage I believe was to Jane McCarley in 1850. Sarah I believe was born in MS in 1851.

Joan McBride 02/10/2001 12:10:42 PM

I am interested in the families of Hugh Holly and Betsy West who married in l823 Morgan Co.Al. Am interested in any Holly and West families in Morgan Co. in era l8l8/l830.

Don Van Vleet 02/10/2001 10:53:40 AM

I am seeking information on the ancestors and descendents of David Forrester and Christena Brogden who were married on January 16, 1823 in Morgan County, AL.

Carol Reck 01/13/2001 9:23:56 AM

I am interested in any information regarding Leesdale, AL, or my ancestor, Sidney Harrison Lee, who came to Morgan Co. Alabama in 1869 with his family. I have information that Sidney served in the Union Army during the Civil War. After the war, he moved his family to this area. The L & N Railroad was built within the next five years and passed through his property. A station was established and named "Leesdale" in his honor.

Beverley Key 01/13/2001 7:41:30 AM

I am interested in locating these families: MULLICAN, Anthony T. to Willie E. STOCTON (bride), 10 Sept. 1890 and MULLICAN, Lutishia S. to Mr L.L. THOMPSON, 16 September 1880. Both marriages were performed in Morgan County, AL. Anthony and Lutishia were the children of William Jasper and Elizabeth ROBERTS MULLICAN. Can anyone help?

Frank C. Durant 01/12/2001 9:24:56 PM

The Morgan County Clerk's office on February 9, 1830 sold a marriage Licence Certificate to "James McCANLIS" and "Magara A. GARRISON". I have Strong reasons to believe that "Magara A. GARRISON" was by maiden name "Margery HARDIN"? National Archives land records and other documents 'Indicate' that "Margery" and "Magara" were the 'same person'. As I decended from that Couple as My gg-Grandparents, my people had passed the knowlege down that Margery was the daughter of Augustine Blackburn HARDIN, Sr., of Maury County, Tennessee. James and "Magara" or "Margery" reared a family of Seven children in Meltonsville, Marshall County, Alabama (1850-1860 Census) and one of their Sons was my G-Grandfather in Leon County, Texas. ANY Help greatly appreciated.-

Lucille Adkins 01/01/2001 3:35:44 PM

Searching for parents and siblings of Sam Allen Smith, born in Decatur, Morgan County, AL on August 20, 1855. In 1881 in Bremond, Robertson County, Texas, Sam married Ada Stanford (born 1864 in Hunsville, Madison County). They had six children -- Essie Mae (my grandmother), Alice, Horace, Heza K., Walter J. and Robert Douglas. Any leads greatly appreciated.

Bert T. Fant 12/31/2000 10:40:06 AM

I am interested in a John Fant who resided in Morgan County in 1830. The census shows him to be 40-50 years old. He is living with a female of the same age and 4 males ranging from 10 to 30 years old, and three other females ranging from 15 to 30 years old. In particular, I am trying to establish if the youngest male child (age 10-15) could be Jenkins (or perhaps Williams Jenkins) Fant my ggg grandfather, but any info on this family whould be most appreciated.

Denise Young 12/30/2000 10:07:52 PM

I am seeking information on Gideon TERRY or John TERRY of Morgan County, Alabama. They are listed in old land records there on 13 Jul 1818 under a land deal of 79.41 acres with grant or warrant number 1713. Gideon TERRY was an Assignee for John TERRY who was listed as owner of the property in the Morgan County Map Book as dated above. Any help or information in identifying these individuals would be greatly appreciated.

Jan Hughes 12/23/2000 10:04:32 PM

I would like to hear from anyone who is related to the Holt family from Morgan County, AL. I am trying to learn the names of the parents of Temperance Lou Jane Holt. Thank you.

Toma & Amy Grubbs 12/18/2000 5:05:54 PM

I am currently trying to find information on Mollie Lee (Forgy) Hogan, 9/28/1894, Franklin Co, TX, died 12/1972 Morgan Co, AL. WIFE of WESLEY HOGAN.. Mollie Lee is the daughter of Vermont Forgy and Mollie Jane Hough. Mollie Jane Hough is presumed to have died shortly after the birth of her only daughter, Mollie Lee Forgy. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Lois Wheeler 12/13/2000 1:05:07 PM

I am looking for information on the parentage and siblings of P.W. Williams who owned a store on West Main Street around 1914 in Hartselle. P.W.Williams may have had a son named Roy. I am trying to ascertain whether he is the brother of my grandfather James Thomas Williams also from Morgan County.

Ann Sparks 12/09/2000 11:45:07 PM

Morgan Co. marriages book shows Thomas SPARKS to A. J. DUTTON 29 Nov. 1851--married 3 Dec 1851. I believe this Thomas Sparks is likely my 3rd great grandfather and that he possibly divorced his first wife (my 3rd gr grandmother) Rutha WHITE of Lawrence and Walker Counties, AL., Leaving her and his family for DUTTON. Am desperately searching for his burial date and place, and his parents and siblings and parents and siblings of Ruth WHITE. Does anyone know anything about the Thomas SPARKS who married A J DUTTON? Can anyone help?

Ann Sparks 12/09/2000 3:40:02 AM

Seeking parents and siblings of my 3rd great-grandparents, Thomas Sparks and Rutha White of Lawrence Co., Al. Think Thomas and Rutha divorced. A Thomas Sparks married A. J. Dutton in Morgan County in 1851. Am wondering if this could be my Thomas, after he had left Rutha and their family. Can anyone help?

Melinda F. Emerson-Heastie 11/27/2000 8:00:16 PM

I am looking for information about Simon Peter Draper born to a slave named Laura . and the master ?Draper. Simon P. Draper was born in 1860 in Taldega, Morgan County, Alabama. Can you help?

Dianne Blankenstein 11/15/2000 11:49:23 AM

Sometime shortly after 1820 Hardin Perkins LEWIS; his brother Nicholas LEWIS came to Morgan County, Alabama from Buckingham County, Virginia. Hardin was Married to Ann (possibly MERIWETHER) ?Nancy Ingham Nunley and had children by the names of Sarah, Emaline, Nicholas, Daniel, and Arthur Meriwether LEWIS. Brother Nichols LEWIS remained single. About 1826 both Hardin & his wife died & were buried in the family cemetery in Morgan County, Alabama. Brother Nicholas LEWIS became guardian of the children. Inventory of the estate of Hardin Perkins LEWIS as well as information on the orphans are in the Morgan County books. Sometime after this Nicholas Lewis went to Sumter County, Alabama, where he died in 1856. Wanting to correspond with others working this line.

delilah price 11/10/2000 10:15:56 PM

I am looking for information on Herman Lee married to Myrtle Vest who was daughter of Newton Taylor Vest and Viantha Campbell. I am also looking for information on Alonzo Frank Smith born 4/23/1901 and died July 72. He was married to Della Mae Fowler ( 11/23/1902-4/26/91) Daughter of Minnie V. Dearman and William Manning Fowler. Also would like information on William Fowler.

Marilyn Markow 11/06/2000 9:09:59 PM

A Joseph NORRIS is on the 1830 Morgan County, AL census. Does anyone have any information about them.

Marilyn Markow 11/05/2000 11:06:34 PM

Does anyone know about a John COBBS who received a land grant in Morgan County, Alabama in 1835. Would like to share information.

Margaret Tull 11/04/2000 10:16:05 PM

Searching for descendants of Abraham RANDOLPH (b. 1805 SC- died after 1870 probably in Morgan or Lawrence Co., AL) and descendants of Christina RANDOLPH and Alexander GIVENS. He is listed Morgan County census records 1830-1850 and She is listed Morgan county 1860.

Dorothy 11/02/2000 10:12:29 AM

Looking for information on the Judge and Nora Henson family. Nora died DEC 22, 1954 in Morgan County, AL. Judge died in 1968 same place. They had 13 children with 3 sets of twins. I believe Nora's maiden name was Chambliss or that was her married name before she married Henson. I know she was married twice and had two sons by her first marriage. I was married to one of their sons and he had a twin sister named Ruby who lived in Utah, CA, and Reuben lived in Iowa. If you have any information about this family please email me

Ed Waller 10/26/2000 8:34:30 PM

Looking for any kind of info on PATTON, Robert or Dorn or Andrew who purchased land in Morgan Co (or Cotaco Co back then?) about 1818.; They came to Morgan Co. from Lincoln Co. Tennessee. Thanks in advance!!

James Muncey 10/24/2000 1:33:57 PM

I am interested in contacting anyone who descends from the LARKEN R SAWYER, BAILEY SAWYER, or JAMES SAWYER families who purchased land within Morgan Cty; as early as 1820. It is my belief that DANIEL Y SAWYER/S was either kin to them or a son of one of these families. If I am correct in my hypothesis, then these folks came from SC and were living somewhere in SC about 1808.

Jan 10/07/2000 5:40:18 PM

Could anyone out there give me the name of the Holt who had a son named Hassie and a daughter named Temperance (Tempie)? Tempie was born 11-24-1890. As far as I know, she was born in Morgan County. I know she married there in 1910. Thanks

Kathy Burch Spit 09/26/2000 10:15:13 AM

I'm looking for information on the family of William Thomas Burch (b 10 Apr 1855 in Randolph Co. AL d 28 Sep 1916, buried in Winton Cemetery, Morgan Co. AL) who resided in Morgan Co. AL in the early 1900's with his wife, Cynthia Reed Sanders. They had 18 children. William Thomas is the son of John C. Burch and Mary Ann Burroughs (or Burris) of Randolph Co. Al

sally 09/30/2000 10:20:06 PM

MORRISWilliam Morris was the father of Benjamin C Morris. They moved from Sumner Co., Tn. to Morgan Co., Ala about 1820 or 1825. Does anyone know about them being before 1840? Any information will be greatly appreciated.


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