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I do not know the name of the baseball team, but it is ca1915 and was taken in the Newsome Sinks, Cotaco County, AL area (actually in a field near present home of Roger Irvin between West Point and Union Hill, Morgan County, AL). I have listed folks on the photograph. They are: Back Row L to R: Coach Bill Culbreath, Overby Jefferson "Boss" Goodson, Richard "Emmit" Owen (Stetson derby), Fred Howard, Phillip Markham, Gilbert Criscoe and Tom Criscoe. Front Row L to R: Robert "Bob" Criscoe, Jake Goodson, Fred Culbreath, Herbert Criscoe and James "Worth" Thomas. (Note: Richard Emmit Owen (my great grandfather) is son of Richard J. Owens and Mary GRANTLAND Owens. Boss and Jake Goodson (my great uncles) are the sons of Jefferson Pierce Goodson and Martha Ann WHITTLE Goodson. Worth Thomas (my great uncle) is the son of James Jefferson Thomas and Susan Matilda TRAMMEL Thomas. PJKO)
William & Elanor Bailey  
George W & Lou Bennich  
Britain Bowling  
Loueasy Bowling  
Louise Bowling  
Monroe Bowling  
Sarah Bowling  
William & Loueasy Bowling  
Brown, Arthur A and Mattie E. Briscoe Shane Brown
Brown, Berry Benson Shane Brown
Brown, John Jackson Shane  Brown
Brown, Roy Cecil and Rilla Emma Cook Brown Shane Brown
Elizabeth Compton  
Fredric Compton  
John Douglas Compton  
Mary Compton  
Mary Elizabeth Hughes Compton  
Monroe Compton  
Monroe & Emily Compton  
Robert Compton  
William & Mary Compton  
Raymond Compton  
John Brooks Cooper and wife Jane McGuffin Wynona Kessler
Curbow, George and Pearlie Mae Melissa Suits
John Curry  
Susan Compton Curry  
Eva Mae Compton Henderson  
McAnally Family  
Margaret McPeters  
Solomon Scott Long and wife 2nd Mary Jones Wynona Kessler
Solomon Scott Long Cabin Wynona Kessler
Patterson Home Danville Donna Cox Briggs
Peck, Effie Taylor  with Unknow people Donna Cox Briggs
Amanda Puryear & Children Old Bwana
Amanda & William Puryear Old Bwana
William Puryear Dane Walls
Ryan, Cephas Morgan Shane Brown
Harvey Ryan, Francis Malinda (Fowler Brown) Oden, Sarah Brown Ryan, Randolph Ryan Shane Brown
Ryan, John and Mary Forman Shane Brown
Charles Christopher Sheats Martha Cantrell
William & Elizabeth Simpson Dane Walls
William Simpson Dane Walls
William Simpson Dane Walls
William Simpson & Family Dane Walls
Pate and Ollie Smith Faye Blacklock
Mary Tolton  
Pinkney Tolton Family  
Sarah Ann Long Young Wynona Kessler
William K Young Wynona Kessler
Unknown #1 Donna Cox Briggs
Unknown #2 Donna Cox Briggs
Unknown #3 Shane Brown
Unknown Woman Donna Cox Briggs
Danville Vocational High School Donna Cox Briggs
  Vocational Building Donna Cox Briggs
 Woodland High School

Donna Cox Briggs

Danville Basketball Team 1920's.
Larry Brown
Forrest Chapel Church 1920's or before  
Gum Springs School, Circa 1929
Clarence Atkins
New Friendship Groundbreaking Melissa Suits


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