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Daniel Fowler

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Decatur Daily, March 2, 1940


Funeral rites for Daniel H. Fowler, 62-year-old Somerville farmer, in connection with whose death Friday, Loyd Parker, his 50-year-old, one-legged neighbor is being held in Morgan county jail, will be held at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon at Antioch. Lindsay Allen, minister of the Church of Christ, will officiate and Drinkard will be in charge of burial.

Survivors include the widow; four daughters, Mrs Gladys Compton, Somerville route 3; Mrs Aleen Hurst, Dallas, Texas; Mrs Madeline Patterson and Miss Merle Fowler, Decatur; two sons, O. D. and Earl Fowler, of Somerville route 3.

Active pallbearers will be O'Neal Garner, Mark Grubbs, Max Grubbs, Humphrey Breeding, Hilary Riley, Clifford Dunaway. The flowers will be in charge of Misses Mildred Fowler, Wilda Jean Fowler, Mary Ellen Hagy, Frankie Johnson, Jeanette Johnson, Faye Compton and Nelda Dunaway. The following are to be honorary pallbearers: J. J. Walker, J. F. Turney, S. G. Garner, A. W. Lemley, J. W. Blankenship and J. F. Bean.

Sheriff W. T. Willoughby, who with Deputy Candler Pittman, arrested Parker at his home a short time after the shooting, said he had sworn to a warrant charging the prisoner with murder. The sheriff said Parker admitted the shooting.

Sheriff Willoughby said Fowler was shot three times with charges from a single-barrel, 16-gauge shotgun while he and his son were riding on a wagon near the Parker home enroute to their own home. The last shot struck Fowler in the heart. The Parker and Fowler houses are about 100 yards apart on opposite sides of the Antioch-Union road. Sheriff Willoughby quoted Parker to the effect he and Fowler had been "at out" for some time. The prisoner lost his right leg in an accident several years ago.

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