Drady Entriken

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The New Decatur Advertiser, dated April 27, 1906.
DOUBLE TRAGEDY - Man Slays Wife Then Commits Suicide - News was received by long distance telephone this morning from Hartselle that a Mr. Entriken, who resides on Robert Sharp's place six miles southeast of that city, killed his wife and then killed himself. For some time past, Mrs. Entriken has been slightly demented, which has caused the husband much worry. While the cause of the tragedy is not known, it is generally supposed that grief had caused temporary insanity. The age of husband and wife is 58 and 56 years, respectively.

DOUBLE TRAGEDY NEAR HARTSELLE - Farmer Entrikin Kills His Wife and Then Commits Suicide - The Hartselle community, this county, was the scene of a fearful tragedy yesterday, the particulars of which have just reached Decatur, where the parties are well known. MR. W. G. INTRIKIN, a prominent farmer of near Hartselle, at 6:00 yesterday morning, shot his wife through the brain, killing her instantly. He then turned the pistol on himself and the ball passed through his heart, he dying almost instantly. The cause of the tragedy, so our informant learned, was that Mrs. Intrikin was subject to species of insanity, and her conduct had partially crazed the husband. Brooding over his troubles made him worse and in a period of temporary insanity, he committed the deed which made a murderer and a suicide. [NOTE: The name was spelled Entrikin and Intrikin in the same article.]

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