Campbell, Cordie

Carlock, Samuel

Chambers, Carrie

Chunn, Herbert L Sr

Chunn, Herbert Lewis

Chunn, John

Clemons, Gilbert Gene

Clemons, Sandra Ann

Cobb, Glynda

Cobbs, W T Rev

Compton, Frederic

Compton, Mary E

Compton, Rosa Pearline

Compton, Ruth

Compton, William

Copeland, Anderson G

 Copeland, James W

Copeland, Margaret

Couey, Ed

Couey, Lottie

Coughlin, Joseph

Crandall, Mary

Crow, Alice D

Crow, James R

Crow, Mattie

Crutchfield, James

Crutchfield, Maude

Crutchfield, Stella

Crutchfield, Willie Maude

Curry, Emily

Curry, James W

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