Bailey, Elanor

Bailey, Herman

Bailey, Virgie

Bagwell, Patsy Jo

Baker, Jerre & Elsie

Barclay, Robert

Belew, Oscar

Bentley, Boyd Benjamin

Bentley, Clarice

Bentley, Donna Dodson

Bentley, Truman B

Bishop, Infant

Bowling, Aubrey

Bradley, A B

Bradley, Lizzie

Brake, Brake

Breeding Cois Lyle

Breeding, Lynn Allen

Breeding, Minnie Lee

Breeding, Thomas Eugene

Brewer, John

Brewer, Susan Mossie Miller
Brewer, Wanda

Brindley, Cora

Brindley, Eunice

Brown, Abraham

Brown, Dorothy Nell

Brown, Raymond R

Burleson, Dr Rufus Columbus

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