Tackett, Seaburn (Seaborn)
Submitted by:  Sherryl Clark


Born 1819, Age 39 Years,  Died 1849;  Relief Division No. 5 Sons of Temperance of the State of Alabama at Decatur, having been organized about twenty months ago was called upon for the first time on the 20th of January to mourn the death of one of its worthy members, Bro. Seaburn Tackett. His illness lasted a little more than three weeks, during which time he received the most assiduous and devoted attention of the members of the Division, who spared him no pains to secure him every attention and comfort which his destitute and afflicted situation required.  The Rev. M.P. Parham visited him frequently during his illness and conversed with him freely on the subject of religion. He expressed himself as being prepared; and his willingness to die having made his peace with God, but remarked that he regretted to leave his family in its afflicted and helpless condition. The minister feeling the force of this remark could make no other consolitary reply than that the God whom he worshipped and had taken care of him was able to take care of his family. He rapidly grew worse till his spirit left its earthly habitation and was no doubt conducted by angels to the realms of everlasting bliss.  Bro.Tackett had been a pious and worthy member of the Methodist Church for some years.  He left an afflicted consort and four children to mourn his loss, but what is their loss is no doubt his eternal gain.  At 10 o'clock a.m. on the 30th of January the members of the Division met at its Hall dressed themselves in their appropriate regalia and badges of mourning, formed a procession under the charge of the Rev. H.H. Brown, which marched in solemn and impressive style to the residence of Bro. Tackett;  from thence, the procession with the corpse and a goodly number of citizens both ladies and gentlemen, proceeded to the Methodist Church where after singing and prayer, every pathetic and appropriate address was delivered by the Rev. Parham, who seemed fully, as well as the audience, to appreciate the solemnity of the occasion.  After a few additional remarks by Rev. H.H. Brown the procession and audience accompanied the deceased to the tomb with appropriate ceremonies by the Sons of Temperance present, conducted by Rev. H.H. Brown, to await the coming of the angel at the end of time; to awaken his sleeping dust.  From his resignation, confidence in God, sereneness in the last moments of his terrene existence evincing that death had no sting or pangs for him, may the Christian be encouraged and comforted; and the sinner be induced to put his confidence in Christ who is able to make a dying bed "as soft as downy pillows are".  In accordance with the usages of the order, the Division resolved to wear tri-coloured ribbon on the left breast for the space of thirty days as a badge of mourning.  It was also resolved that as an evidence of the condolence of the Division a copy of this notice be presented to the bereaved widow whose loss, language would fail to delineate.


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