John D Aiken
Submitted by:  Dane Walls

The Alabama Enquirer, October 9, 1890

Died September 25th, 1890, JOHN D. AIKEN, second son of Sandrus and Jemima Aiken. Mr. Aiken was born on the 4th of January 1860. He became a member of Mt. Pisgah Church at the early age of sixteen years. He afterwards removed his membership to Bethel Church, at which he was a faithful worshiper until his death.

Mr. Aiken was married to Miss Idella White on January 10th, 1886. Having lived his short life at and near his old home, his good deeds, noble heart and bright sunny nature are well known by all. In every relation of life, as husband, father, brother, friend and neighbor, he was ever faithful and true. Honest and upright, kind and genial, quick to extend a helping hand to friends in need, living his life as a child of God, he was a bright example to all who knew him. Truly may it be said, "In the midst of life, we are in death."

He was in perfect health Wednesday morning and died Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock from internal injuries sustained by the kick of a mule. Medical skill, love, prayers - all were powerless to save. Death never visited a household and left it more desolate.

A delicate wife and two children, the eldest of which is three years, and the youngest three months old, are left to fight life's battles alone. Through all the dark clouds which may overshadow their lives, may the bereaved wife and her darlings ever look beyond to the God who has promised to be a Father to the widow and orphans. - A Friend.

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