William Ryan

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I have a copy of the orginal handwritten document which is very difficult to read and a typed extracted copy.  Using both of them I have done my best to duplicate the entire document.

Pension application R 9123

Declairation of William Ryan

In order to obtain the benefit of the said congress of the 7th of June 1832.

State of Alabama                                                                                                   County Court January term 1834  
County of Morgan                                                                                                  on this the 28th day of January 1834

Personally appeared in open court it being a court of record for the said county having _______ to  _________ and in person and providing according to the course of the common law at a regular term of said court William Ryan of the County & State aforesaid and residing there in aged seventy nine years next April _______ bring forth only according to ______   _______  the following declaration in order to  ______   the _______ of the provisions made by this act of Congress ratified June 7, 1832.
That he was born on the 14th of April 1755 in the County of Amherst, State of Virginia where he resided until the month of April (he thinks on the 15th day) when a requisition of men was called for from the County of Amherst to guard prisoners of war then in Albermarle County.  He then went on that day under one Captain John Barrett and in his company to a place called the Barracks in Albermarle and continued in that service for six months and was discharged on the 15gh of October of that year, and went immediately to the County of Greenbrier in the same state where he lived until theyear of 1781 when on the 1st day of August of that year he turned out as a volunteer under Captain John Galway, who commanded a company, and immediately marched through the counties of Botetot, Rockbridge, Augusta,
Albermarle to the city of Richmond and on to a place called Bennett's Hills when the siege of Little York at which place he was during the whole time of the siege, and at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis, and was discharged on the 12th day of November after having served during this tour three months and twelve days.  That he belonged to the regiment commanded by Colonel Lewis.  The lieutenant in the last service was Goodson.  That he was in several engagements of minor import and at the celebrated victory at Yorktown.  He knew many field and company officers but the lapse of time and his advanced age and bodily infirmities have almost obliterated their names from his memory.  He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and he declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any state or territory, and in compliance with the regulations  of the state department  (the next couple of lines are unreadable)

1.  He answeres that _____  as states  in this forgoing distribution.

2.  He has no record of his age but the fact stated in the declaration has been from information recieved from his parents and ________   _______.

3.  He has stated where he lived when called into service.  He has lived in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and lastly, Alabama where he resides in the County of Morgan. 

4.  Taht his first our was for a part of the time as a substitue for one Stephen Johnson and for the balance of the time he was drafted.  For his last tour of service he was a volunteer.

5.  He can recollect among the officers in the army General Green, General Washington, General Lee, Gen'l Lunenberg and others.

6.  In his first tour he received no discharge, but in the last he received a written discharge from Gen. Lunenberg which he has lost or destroyed from the lapse of time.

7.  to testify to his character for veracity he can refer to the Rev. Fred ones, James B. Graham Clerk of the Circut Court ______   _______ Clerk of the County Court and John T. Rattin, member of the legislature.  That he was in a regular and lawful .......................... corp, called into service by competent authority, that during his first tour he was in a garrison, .........the last with ................... or at the Siege of York. 

William Ryan placed his mark at the end of this statement.

There are short statements by those present for his declaration that are unreadable as were many other parts of this document. 


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