Morgan County Co

Morgan County
Co. K 7th Alabama Calvery
ubmitted by:  William Smith

The company was formed in late July or early August in 1862, at Danville and Sommerville Al. It was formed shortly after the Confedeate Legislature passed a law allowing formation of "partisan rangers". The original designation was: Ala 14th Cav Batt, Partisan Rangers. The Company was commanded throughout the war by Col. James C Malone, Jr On April 15, 1863, it was combined with the 19th Cav Batt, and resignated as 7th Cav Reg. ( S. O.#25, Wharton's Div). It was redesignated once more, on Sept 15, 1864. Then it was changed to Ala 9th Cav. Reg. C. S. A. It remained that untill surrendered by Gen. Joseph E. Johnson at Durham Station, Orange County N. C. on April 26, 1865. The remaining men from Morgan County walked home from there. Francis Asbury Roberts was a 2nd Lt. at the time of surrender, his great grandfather, Reuben, joined the Continental Army exactly ninety years before in that same county!
The men who served; James Stephenson, Capt. J. W. Harper, 1st Lt. J.E. Price, 2nd Lt. Asbury Roberts, 3rd Lt. Thomas Gorden, 1st Sgt. John Austin, F. M. Bishop, Sam Bishop, Sam Breeding, James Breeding, John Breedlove, Thomas Breedlove, Dave Breedlove, Marvin Braswell, Wiley Brown, William Copeland, Robert Copeland (killed at Missionary Ridge), James Knox Polk Copeland, Pleas Campbell, Dick Chunn(died in prison, Rock Island, Ill 6/9/64), John Clark, Rube Collins, Jesse Collins, Matt Cobb, John Denton, Bob Elders, Jack Garrison, James Halbrooks, John Halbrooks, William Howell, Smith Howell, John Kent, Dave Kent, John King, Sam King, J. C. Love, J. B. Love, Tom Lemons, Sebe Lemons, Mike Lile, Tom Lile, James Lile, James Lenox, Billie Lynch, William Livingston, Jasper Moreland, James McCowan, William McClanahan, Lige McClanahan, Lias McCarley, Chap Norris, Barton Norris, William Outlaw, John Outlaw, Martin Parker, Joe Pruitt, William C. Roberts, (wounded at Readyville Tn), William M. Roberts (died in prison,Rock Island,Ill 2/25/1864), Joe Sharpe, Peter Sharpe, Thomas Sandlin, Whit Sandlin, (died in prison, Rock Island, Ill 1/26/1864) Jack Sandlin, John Speegle, Sam Speegle, John Stephenson, J. R. Stephenson, Anderson Sparkman, Sol Syberts, Bob Syberts, Asbury Speaks, Thomas Strain, William Shirley, James Smith, Monroe Tapscott, Alben Tapscott, Archie Vest, George Vest, Nicholas Vest, John Vest, Robert Vest,Frank Vest, Calvin Vaughn, William Whalen, Pleas Wade, William Wade, George Winton, Kige Winton, Doc Winton, P. T. Williams, T. R. Williams, Doc Winton, P. T. Williams, T. R. Williams, W. T. Walen, R. A. Walen, William Walen, William Wright, Jasper Woodall, Newton Woodall, Mid Woodall, William Woodall, John Witt, Marvin Whitten, Wesley Wilson, Richard Wilson, James Yeager, Marvin Yeager And last, William Yeager, who also died in prison at Rock Island, Ill. 8/29/1864.
These were the privates of Company K, they fought at Stones River, 12/31/1862, at Bradyville Tn 3/10/1863, at Milton Tn, 3/20/1863, at ullahoma Tn, in June 1863, at Unionville Tn,6/23/1863, at Chickamauga, 9/19-20/1863, in Chattnooga from September untill November, sent to relieve Knoxville in December1863, under Gen. Joe Wheeler's command at Talbott's Station 12/29/1863, back to Atlanta from May to Sept on to the last known battle at Bentonville 3/19-21/1865.
This is the roster of Company "K", how many were killed or wounded isnot known at this time. All the gravestones of these men that we have seen carry the inscription "7th Al Cav, C. S. A.", All except one in Texas, James Knox Polk Copeland, true to his calling, says "Fennel's Co, Ala Rangers, C. S. A."

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