12th Alabama Infantry, Company "H," C.S.A
(AKA the "Magnolia Rifles")
Submitted by:  Mary Ann:  Her research was taken from the National Parks Service website- Civil War Soldiers & Sailors database [CWSS] their data is from the National Archives in Washington, D. C. http://www.itd.nps.gov/cwss/info.htm

Legend: Surname, given name; Rank In; Rank Out; notations---

[1] Adams, Benjamin Pvt-Pvt 
[2]Adams,W. S. Pvt-Pvt
[3]Allison, Joseph R. Pvt-Pvt
[4]Allison, J. B. Pvt-Pvt
[5]Andersen, David Pvt-Pvt
[6]Andrews, M. S. Chaplain Undesignated Company
[7]Baird, R. B. Sgt-Sgt
[9]Bartlett, Wiley J. Pvt-Pvt
[10]Bazemore, E. B. Pvt-Pvt
[11]Beirs,Isum Pvt-Pvt
[12]Bentley, J. T. Pvt-Pvt
[13]Bevis,Isum Pvt-Pvt
[14]Bickley,J. J. Pvt-Pvt 
[15]Bishop, Aaron A. Pvt-Pvt
[16]Bishop, Aaron Pvt-Pvt
[17]Bishop, H. Pvt-Pvt
[18]Bishop, A. Pvt-Pvt 
[19]Bivens, J. Pvt-Pvt 
[20]Blankenship, T. Pvt-Pvt
[21]Blankenship, M. W. Pvt-Pvt 
[22]Blankenship, Matthew Pvt-Pvt
[23]Blankenship, Thomas E. Pvt-Pvt
[24]Blivis, Isaac Pvt-Pvt
[25]Blount, B. F. Pvt-Pvt
[26]Blunt, B. F. Pvt-Pvt
[27]Bodery, John Pvt-Pvt
[28]Bodery, John D. Pvt-Pvt 
[29]Box, John H. Pvt-Pvt
[30]Britain, J. S. Sgt-1st Lt.
[31]Britan, J. S. Sgt-1st Lt.
[32]Briton, J. S. Sgt-1st Lt
[33]Brittain, James S. Sgt-1st Lt.
[34]Brittain, J. S. Sgt-1st Lt.
[35]Brown, Daniel J. Pvt-Pvt
[36]Brown, Ephraim J. Pvt-Pvt
[37]Brown, J. Pvt-Pvt
[38]Brown, James D. Pvt.-Pvt
[39]Brown, William Pvt-Pvt
[40]Brundidge, James M. Pvt-Pvt
[41]Brundige, James M. Pvt-Pvt
[42]Burt, John H. Pvt-Pvt
[43]Burt, M. Pvt-Pvt
[44]Byrnes, James Pvt-Pvt
[45]Calhoun, Andrew P. Pvt- Pvt
[46]Campbell, James 1st Sgt-1st Sgt
[47]Campbell, William A. Sgt-Pvt
[48]Cousins, M. G. Pvt-Pvt
[49]Covert, W.W. Pvt-Pvt
[50]Crier, Elijah Pvt-Corporal
[51]Crout, W. Pvt-Pvt
[52]Cryer, Elijah Pvt-Corporal
[53]Cummings, S. S. Pvt-Pvt
[54]Cummins Pvt-Pvt
[55]Dailey, M. H. Pvt-Pvt
[56]Dame, H. C. Pvt-Pvt
[57]Dame, Henry C. Pvt-Pvt
[58]Daney, William Pvt-Pvt
[59]Daney, W. Pvt-Pvt
[60]Darwin, James H. 1stLt-1stLt
[61]Dement, Malkijah F. Pvt-Pvt
[62]Dickerson, J. T. Pvt-Pvt
[63]Dinkdins, J. N. Pvt-Pvt
[64]Dinkins, J. M. Pvt-Pvt
[65]Dinkins, J. N. Pvt-Pvt
[66]Drewer, John Pvt-Pvt
[67]Driver, James Pvt-Pvt
[68]Dunn,Thomas Pvt-Pvt
[69]Edwards, A. Nelson Pvt-Pvt
[70]Edwards, H. N. Pvt-Pvt
[71]Foster, F. A. Pvt-Pvt
[72]Fowler, Jerre C. Pvt-Pvt
[73]Fowler, William J. Corp-Corp
[74]Fryday, B. R. Pvt-Pvt
[75]Fuller, J. H. Pvt-Pvt
[76]Gaddis, Emsley Pvt-Pvt
[77]Gadis, E. P. Pvt-Pvt
[78]Gallamond, W. H. Pvt-Pvt
[79]Garison, William A. Pvt-Pvt
[80]Garner, A. J. Pvt-Pvt
[81]Garrett, S. B. Pvt-Pvt
[82]Garrons, W. Pvt-Pvt
[83]Gayle, Bristor B. Captain-Colonel
[84]Gerrett, S. B. Pvt-Pvt
[85]Garrison, W. A. Pvt-Pvt
[86]Gillaland, E. E. Pvt-Pvt
[87]Gilliland, E. Pvt-Pvt
[88]Gleason, B. G. Pvt-Pvt
[89]Graham, Dekalb Pvt-Pvt
[90]Graham, Joseph D. Pvt-2ndLt.
[91]Greason, B. G. Pvt-Pvt
[92]Guthery, James P. Pvt-Pvt
[93]Guthery, J. Pvt-Pvt
[94]Gutrey, James P. Pvt-Pvt
[95]Habrooks, William J. Pvt-Pvt
[96]Halbrook, John Pvt-Pvt
[97]Halbrooks,No given namePvt-Pvt
[98]Hall,W.L. Pvt-Pvt
[99]Hamilton, Abram T. Corp-Corp
[100]Hamilton, Francis M. Sgt-Sgt
[101]Hamilton, John H. Pvt-Pvt
[102]Hamilton, Thomas M. Sgt-Sgt
[103]Haney,B. Pvt-Pvt
[104]HAney, M. Pvt-Pvt
[105]Harris, Wm. P. Pvt-Pvt
[106]Harris, Wm. R. Pvt-Pvt
[107]Hawkins,J. C. Pvt-Pvt
[108]Heflen, Samuel M. Pvt-Pvt
[109]Hegden,C. Pvt-Pvt
[110]Herring, J. C. Pvt-Pvt
[111]Herring, Jesse Pvt-Corporal
[112]Herring, John R. Pvt-Pvt
[113]Herring, S. A. Pvt-Pvt
[114]Hewlett, Augustus E. Pvt-Captain
[115]Higden, C. Pvt-Pvt
[116]Higden, W. T. Pvt-Pvt
[117]Higdin,W. Pvt-Pvt
[118]Higdon, C. H. Pvt-Pvt
[119]Higdon,Charles Pvt-Pvt
[120]Hill, William P. Pvt-Pvt
[121]Hokett, John T. Pvt-Pvt
[122]Holsomeback, A. Pvt-Pvt
[123]Hullett, A. E. Pvt-Captain
[124]Humphries, Aquilla J. Pvt-Pvt
[125]Humphries, Geo. R. Pvt-Pvt
[126] Jenkins, A. T. Pvt-Pvt
[127]Jenkins, Andrew Pvt-Pvt
[128]Jenkins, JAmes L. Pvt-Pvt
[129]Jenkins, Wm. M. no ranks stated
[130] Johnson, C. F. Pvt-Pvt
[131]Johnston, C. F.Pvt-Pvt 
[none 132-134] 
[135]Johnston, Clark F. Pvt-Pvt
[136]Kenner, William W. Pvt-Pvt
[137]Kirby, J. T. Pvt-Pvt
[138]Kirby,James F. Pvt-Pvt
[139]Kirby, John M. Pvt-Pvt
[140]Kirby, Joshua Pvt-Pvt
[141]Kirby, Middleton R. Corp-Corporal
[142]Kirby, W. R. Corp-Corp
[143]Krout, W. W. Pvt-Pvt
[144]Kurby,J. Pvt-Pvt
[145]Kurby,Joshua Pvt-Pvt
[146]Kurby, M. Corp-Corp
[147]Lackey, J. P. Pvt-Pvt
[148]Lamond, Thomas H. Pvt-Corporal
[149]Lamons, John Pvt-Pvt
[150]Lamons,Thomas J. Pvt-Pvt
[151]Lasiter, Stephen Pvt-Pvt
[152]Lasseter,S. Pvt-Pvt
[153] Lassiter,Stephen Pvt-Pvt
[154]Lemond, Thomas H. Pvt-Corporal
[155]Lemond,Thomas J. Pvt-Pvt
[156]Lemonds, J. Pvt-Pvt
[157]Lemonds, T. H. Pvt-Corporal
[158]Lemonds, John Pvt-Pvt
[159]Lenonds, T. H. Pvt-Corporal
[160]Lewis, J. H. Pvt-Pvt
[161]Lewis, John H. Pvt-Pvt
[162]Light, Daniel A. Pvt-1st Sergent
[163]Lightfoot, Wesley Pvt-Pvt
[164]Lightfoot, William Pvt-Pvt
[166]Little, Andrew J. Pvt-Pvt
[167]Little,J. Pvt-Pvt
[168]Logan, J. B. Pvt-Pvt
[169]Logan,J. D. Pvt-Pvt
[170]Mabry,Zimri A. Pvt-Pvt
[171]Mahall,J. W. Pvt-Pvt
[172]Manley,Robert H. Pvt-Pvt
[173]Martin,P. Pvt-Pvt
[174]Martin, William W. Pvt-Sgt
[175]Mayer, Simon Pvt-Pvt
[176]Mayor,Simon Pvt-Pvt
[177]McAnear, John Pvt-Pvt-served in both Co.H & I 
[178]McAnear, William A. Pvt-Pvt
[179]McCabe, William H. Pvt-Pvt
[180]McCain, J. H. Pvt-Pvt-served in both Co.H & C 
[181]McCain, J. M. Pvt-Pvt
[182]McCain, John W. Pvt-Pvt 
[183]McCain, John W. Pvt-Pvt 
[184]McElden,J. Pvt-Pvt 
[185]McInean, John M. Pvt-Pvt
[186]McNein, John Pvt-Pvt-served in both Co. H & I 
[187]Meeks, Lucien C. Pvt-Pvt
[188]Meigs,Wm. Pvt-Pvt
[189]Michael, George W. Pvt-Pvt 
[190]Miller, Daniel H. Pvt-Pvt
[191]Miller, David H. Pvt-Pvt
[192]Mitchel,George W. Pvt-Sgt 
[193]Mitchell, G. W. Pvt-Sgt
[194]Mitchel,W.G. Pvt-Sgt
[195]Monsey, E. B. Pvt-Pvt
[196]Mooney, E. B. Pvt-Pvt
[197]Mooney, Edmund A. Pvt-Pvt
[198]Moore, J. M. Pvt-Pvt
[199]Moore, J. R. Pvt-Pvt
[200]Morgan, E. S. Pvt-Pvt
[201]Mormee, R. R. Pvt-Pvt
[202]Mornsly,R. P. Pvt-Pvt
[203]Mowry, E. Pvt-Pvt
[204]Ninkons,J. M.Pvt-Pvt 
[205]Noles, Thomas Pvt-Pvt
[206]Nolls, James Pvt-Pvt
[207]Noris, Floyd Pvt-Pvt
[208]Norris, F. Pvt-Pvt 
[209]Norris, John Pvt-Pvt
[210]Norris, S. M. Pvt-Pvt 
[211]Norris Thomas W. Pvt-Pvt
[212]O'Brien, Peter Pvt-Pvt
[213]Oden, James Pvt-Pvt
[214]Oden, L. W. Pvt-Pvt 
[215]Oden, Levi N. Pvt-Pvt
[216]Odom, William Pvt-Pvt 
[217]Odum, William Pvt-Pvt
[218]Osborn, D. Pvt-Pvt
[219]Osborn, D. Pvt-Pvt
[220]Pannel, J. D. Pvt-Pvt
[221]Parker, William Pvt-Pvt
[222]Posey, Allen Pvt-Pvt
[223]Powers, James Pvt-Pvt
[224]Prater, Lorenzo D. Pvt-Pvt
[225]Prater, Thomas W. Pvt-Pvt
[226]Priddy, Doctor R. Pvt-Pvt
[227]Priddy, Samuel D. Pvt-Pvt
[228]Raininez, M. W. Pvt-Pvt
[229]Ramens, M. W. Pvt-Pvt
[230]Raper, Alexander Pvt-Pvt
[231]Reaves, C. M. Pvt-Pvt
[232]Reeves, A. J. Pvt-Pvt
[233]Red,James J. Pvt-pvt
[234]Reid, James Pvt-Pvt
[235]Renner, W. W. Pvt-Pvt
[236]Rentz, John W. Pvt-Pvt
[237]Reynolds,Charles H. Pvt-Pvt
[238]Rhea,James Pvt-Pvt
[239]Rhey,J. Pvt-Pvt
[240]Riddly, S. Pvt-Pvt
[241]Reives,A. J. Pvt-Pvt
[242]Robinson, Max B. 3rdLt.-Captain 
[243]Rogers, John W. Pvt-Pvt 
[244]Romains, M. W. Pvt-Pvt 
[245]Romanas, M. W. Pvt-Pvt
[246]Romenas, M. W. Pvt-Pvt
[247]Romine, J. S. M. Pvt-Pvt
[248]Romine, M. N. Pvt-Pvt
[249]Romines, John S. M. Pvt-Pvt
[250]Romines, M. M. Pvt-Pvt 
[251]Romines, M. W. Pvt-Pvt 
[252]Romines, Matthew Pvt-Pvt 
[253]Rominess, M. M. Pvt-Pvt 
[254]Rominy, M. Pvt-Pvt 
[255]Ruitz, J. F. Pvt-Pvt 
[256]Runnels, Mansfield Pvt-Pvt 
[257]Ryan, C. D. Pvt-Pvt 
[258]Ryan, Cal Pvt-Pvt
[259]Ryan, Carroll Pvt-Pvt 
[260]Ryan, Elijah F. 2ndLt.-2nd Lt. 
[261]Ryan, James H. Pvt-Pvt 
[262]Sams, D. R. 2ndLt-2nd Lt. 
[263]Sargent, C. Pvt-Pvt 
[264]Shockley, Simpson D. Pvt-Pvt 
[265]Smith, Nathan Pvt-Pvt 
[266]Smith, Nathaniel pvt-Pvt 
[267]Spain, John D. Pvt-Pvt 
[268]Speed, S. W. no ranks listed 
[269]Strain, James H. Pvt-Pvt 
[270]Talor, Josiah Pvt-Pvt 
[271]Taylor, Josiah Pvt-Pvt 
[272]Thomas, J. F. Pvt-Pvt 
[273]Thomas, John F. Pvt-Pvt 
[274]Thompson, Benjamin Pvt-Pvt 
[275]Turney, John P. Pvt-none listed 
[276]Vickery, J. N. Pvt-Pvt 
[277]Vickrey,J. N. Pvt-Pvt 
[278]Vicory, J. M. Pvt-Pvt 
[279]Wade, Mikael J. Pvt-Pvt 
[280]Wade, Thomas Pvt-Pvt 
[281]Ward, Robert Pvt-Pvt 
[282]Watson,W. Pvt-Pvt 
[283]Wedner,Wm. R. Pvt-Pvt
[284]Widener, W. R. Pvt-Pvt 
[285]Widner, W. R. Pvt-Pvt 
[286]Wiley, Elijah Corporal-Corporal 
[287]Wilkins, H. H. no ranks listed 
[288]Wilson, John C. Pvt-Pvt 
[289]Windes, Francis M. Pvt-Pvt 
[290]Windsor, Andrew C. Pvt-Pvt 
[291]Wollf, P. T. Pvt-Pvt 
[292]Wood, Francis S. Pvt-Pvt 
[293]Woods, F. S. Pvt-Pvt 
[294]Woods, T. S. Pvt-Pvt 
[295]Wooly, A. Pvt-Pvt 
[296]Wright, John H. Pvt-Pvt

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