Morgan County
Company "C" 151st Combat Engineers January 27th 1941
Submitted by:  Bill Smith

The Finest Generation

Company "C" 151st Combat Engineers, U. S. Army, Mobilized January
27th 1941, Hartselle, Alabama.
Joe W. Burleson
1st Lt
Crusselle B. Jackson
2nd Lt.
Spencer A. Burleson
1st Sgt.
Coy E. Sparkman
Leo D. Barclift
Williard E. Floyd
Modie McCutcheon
Sgts---Otis C. Crowe, Earl W. Elliott, Edgbert M. Hardin, James W.
Lindsey, Paul W. Thrasher, John D. Tolleson.
Corporals---John Aday, Herman W. Burns, Byrd Dean, William O. Marlowe,
Clyde Mason, Robert B. Orr, Robert Rithmire, Billy H. Walters.
Pvt's 1st class---Tolbert Aday, James R. Armstrong, Van Cocke Jr.,
Hector Giles, Gordon M. Glasscock, James A Harvel, William R.
McCutcheon, Howard Roan, Bruce D. Thrasher, Charles Edward Wright.
Pvt's---Howard B. Anders, James K. Baker, Howard C. Briscoe,
Eugene S. Cocke, Joe M. Dean, Chester J. Evans, Dennis M. Garrison,
William A. Gray, Hollis G. Hendrix, Leo H. Henry, James D. Hopper,
Vernon L. Hopper, Colunbus C. Johnson, Joseph D. Jolly, Homer D.
Long, Gerral F. Martin, Gilbert W. Maze, James M. Maze, Fred Miller,
Lewis Montgomery, John L. McClanahan, Carl E. Parker, Emmitt Ferrell
Proctor, Herbert W. Roan, Thomas J. Sanders,Lewis E. Segars, Curtis
J Sherrill, Paul R. Smith, Rip Smith, Lewis C. Summerford, William
Howard Thompson, James E. Thrasher, Louie L. Tunstill, Frank C. Vest,
Griffin Walker, Albert E. Westmoreland, Carl Young.
This roster from the pay records of 2/3/1941---Total amount disbursed for 68 men plus 12 men being discharged $869.37 for an average of $10.87 each.


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