Wallace - Lansdown Cemetery

Wallace, Rebecca J
d Apr 5, 1846
in the 51st year of her age
Wife of Joel Wallace

Wallace, Ester
d Aug 28, 1826
in the 60th year of her age
Wife of Joel Wallace

Wallace, Sarah
d May 8, 1818
dau of J & E Wallace

Lansdown, Jartha
b May 4, 1812
d May 25, 1935

Lansdown, Frances Holland
d Jun 8, 1835
aged 4 mo 3 da
dau of James & Martha Lansdown

Lile, Ned
b Feb 1, 1869
d Mar 12, 1929
Reynolds Chamber -2600, Trinity, Ala

Williams, Lizzie
b Mar 29, 1878
d Jul 12, 1904
dau of Bird & Sue Williams

Harris, Robert
b May 15, 1868
d May 15, 1922

Miles, Ham Sr & Little Ben Lile
d 1860
colored servants of J A LIle
Here we meet on a level.

Pride, Lela
b Jul 7, 1907
d May 10, 1928

It has been reported that there were several people removed from this cemetery.

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