Sykes Cemetery

Sykes, Evelinae P
b Aug 30, 1820
d Aug 17, 1841
dau of Joseph & Louisa T Sykes
Death has taken thee, sweet child from the fond embrace of affectionate parents and friends to bloom in a happier land.
Thee hast passed early and calmly to rest and the far country seems nearer and the way less dark to those absent
from the Lord.  But who by death will meet again their friends and children in heaven.

Skyes, david A
b Jan 10, 1831
d Oct 11, 1837
son of Joseph & Louisa T Sykes
Depart my friends, wipe of your tears,
I must lie here till Christ appears.

Sykes, Charles D
b Sep 16, 1835
d Jul 28, 1836
son of Joseph & Louisa T Sykes
The sun beam's smile, the zephyr breath
was all he new from birth till death.

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