Peck Cemetery

Peck Cemetery

Brown, Elizabeth A
b Nov 24, 1838
d Jul 13, 1889
Wife of John J Brown
(House with spit shingles over grave)

Brown, John J
b Nov 4, 1827
d Nov 10, 1890
(House with split shingles over grave)

Brown, William Stewart
b May 1829
d Mar 1905

Weaver, James Roland
b Dec 23, 1909
d Aug 31, 1910
Son of Mr & Mrs Elbert Weaver

Brown, Infant
b Feb 2, 1889
d Feb 25, 1889
Dau of W S & M E Brown

Tidewell, Emma Peck
b Feb 13, 1856
d Oct 8, 1946

Peck, James E
b Sep 8, 1855
d Oct 31, 1895

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