New Friendship Baptist Church Ce

New Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery
Submitted by:  Phillip Owen

Church and Cemetery is located at 1145 Friendship Road, Priceville, Morgan Co., AL This is a partial listing. Owens, J. P. Sept 13, 1919-Feb 4, 2000
Owens, Lillian C. Dec 17, 1922
Carter, Gertrude Dec 4, 1927-Jun 23, 1941 Mary Gertrude d/o Lee A. Carter & Lula Bell Owens
Carter, Lula Bell Jan 23, 1904-May 9, 1975 d/o of James Lucas Owens
Carter, Lee A. Apr 4, 1893-Feb 24,1940 s/o of E. A. & Minnie L Cochran Carter
Stone has a cross in a circle above Lee with the inscription;"Alabama PFC 287 CO MPC World War 1"
Carter, E. A. Oct 14, 1865-Jun 31, 1941 Elzia Arnold Carter
Carter, Minnie L. Mar 7, 1871-Nov 26, 1967
Rogers, Argel J. Chochran Nov 14, 1836-Jul 30, 1930 Argel Jane Miller w/o James H. Cochran & Unknown Rogers.
Owens, Cordelia R. Aug 21, 1873-Aug 23, 1943 d/o James H. Cochran & Argel Jane Miller, 3rd wife of James Lucas Owens
Carter, Mildred M. May 1, 1912-Nov 25, 1973
Carter, Jesse J. Mar 7, 1907-Jul 24, 1974 s/o E. A. & Minnie L. Carter
Carter, James R. 1928-1988
Carter, Benjamin M. 1938-1940
Owens, Grace Feb 22, 1901-Feb 11, 1971
Owens, Tennis Apr 9, 1896
Owen, Lucy H. Oct 4, 1872-Jan 16, 1956
Owen, Symeon E. Jul 3, 1862-Dec 25, 1852
Owen, Charlie These two stones are in a small wood trimmed area that has a foot marker
Owen, Clyde with Owen on it and two small stones with their names at their head
Owens, Roland G. Apr 5, 1932-Oct 11, 1997 Married Jan 4, 1958
Owen, Josephine T. July 2, 1935
Owen, Annie M (daughter) Sept 4, 1965-Sept 4, 1965
Owen, Robert T. (father) Jul 7, 1923-Aug 26, 1981
Carter, Virginia Lewis Jan 26, 1902-Oct 1, 1945
Owens, Mary E. Jan 7, 1938-Jun 6, 1947
Owens, Slathal C. May 1, 1912-Apr 8, 1986 Married Aug 5, 1933, Stone has a photo of couple; Louise S. Nov 29, 1912-Oct 18, 1996
Mote, Herman Lee Jun 28, 1905-Apr 15, 1989 Married Oct 6, 1928; Maxie Owen Apr 16, 1913-Sept 19, 1993
Owens, Ellis Asbury s/o James Lucas & Cordelia R. Owens Buried here per his death certificate. No stone located.
Hodge, Charles Franklin Dec 14, 1934-Mar 3, 2006 Military marker "PFC US ARMY KOREA" (This is Charley Hodge who was always seen on stage with Elvis Presley. Charles was born in Decatur AL.; Jennifer Lynn Dec 15, 1963
Other surnames in this cemetery include; Blankenship, Hodge, Sasser, Mote, Motes plus many more. There are many unmarked graves in this cemetery.



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