Neville Cemetery

Nunn, Ada Neville
b Feb 10, 1882
d Feb 22, 1939
wife of B R Nunn
faithful mother

Neville, Elizabeth
b Nov 10, 1859
d Jan 4, 1929
wife of W V Neville
In memory of my Mother-George

Neville, Willliam Vinkley
b Feb 10, 1855
d Jan 18, 1908

Neville, our baby Jack R
b May 1, 1901
d Aug 5, 1906
son of W V & e T Neville

Neville, Charles Henderson
b Oct 5, 1860
d Oct 24, 1895

Neville, Alabama V B
d Sep 28, 1861
dau of Robert & Eliza High
wife of J A Nevill

Nevill, Robert E
b Sep 26, 1858
d Feb 11, 1886
son of J A & V W Nevill
Erected by his affectionate brother, Charlie N Nevill

Neville, Allice L
b Oct 8, 1852
d Feb 11, 1889
dau of James A & A V B Neville
Erected by her brother W V N

Neville, Elmer
born and died
Feb 1894
son of W V & T Neville

Wheeler, William Walter Jr
b Aug 20, 1913
d Apr 20, 1914

Wheeler, William Walter
b Mar 23, 1877
d Sep 23, 1920

Neville, James A
b Mar 20, 1832
d Aug 28, 1904

These two graves are outside the fence

Wiggins, Martha A
d Nov 4, 1855
aged 17 yr 8 mo 16 da
dau of Matthew A & Mary A Wiggins

Wiggins, John B
d Aug 25, 1842
aged 16 da
son of Matthew & Mary A wiggins

It is belived that there are more buried here but their graves were not or are no longer marked.


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