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BARNETT, Annie Lee Burleson 3/20/1896-1/31/1987Submitted by James Burleson
BLEVINS, James Lyman 10/28/1883-3/7/1954 paula hurst
BLEVINS, Ruth, wife of Silas 11/08/1899 - 03/03/1983
BLEVINS,Silas 11/05/1896 - 05/02/1984
BURLESON, Arthur Clarence 8/3/1899-1/7/1983Submitted by James Burleson
BURLESON, Fannie Belle Curry 1892-1975Submitted by James Burleson
BURLESON, Hulbert Merlin 7/1/1918-2/5/1981Submitted by James Burleson
BURLESON, Ishmael Dubert 8/26/1914-3/16/1920Submitted by James Burleson
BURLESON, James C. Burleson 1856-1909Submitted by James Burleson
BURLESON, John James 1884-1969Submitted by James Burleson
BURLESON, Lala Arra 8/18/1892-11/17/1980Submitted by James Burleson
BURLESON, Nora E.11/8/1889-1/10/1904Submitted by James Burleson
BURLESON, Ora Rachel 8/20/1905-3/20/1996Submitted by James Burleson
BURLESON, Rachel C. Francis 1865-1912Submitted by James Burleson
BURLESON, Robert Howard 4/21/1894-12/3/1981Submitted by James Burleson
COOK, Effie Francis 8/21/1905-5/1/1990paula hurst
COOK, Daniel Bedford 1/10/1901-12/9/1984paula hurst
CURRY, Amanda McCutchen 1856-1928
CURRY, James M. 1848-1924
FRANCIS, Dollie A. (Dolly Elizabeth Ann Mary Speegle) 11/24/1834-2/7/1910 Submitted by James Burleson
FRANCIS, Martin Sherril Francis, 10/10/1867-7/23/1944Submitted by James Burleson
FRANCIS, James Robert 10/21/1863-2/21/1910 paula hurst
FRANCIS, Josephine Jackson 12/21/1894-1/29/1977 paula hurst
FRANCIS, Mary Kate 12/5/1896-2/16/1910 paula hurst
FRANCIS, Bernice Amanda 6/1/1905-1/18/1988 paula hurst
FRANCIS, Sidney Stewart 10/13/1898-1/9/1976 paula hurst
FRANCIS, Robert Carlton 11/15/1900-5/29/1989 paula hurst
GARRISON, James Catlett 18 Apr 1891 paula hurst
GARRISON (TATE), Sarah Delilah 29 Mar 1891 paula hurst
HALBROOKS, Charlie Howard 10/5/1885-3/5/1964 paula hurst
HALBROOKS, Carrie M. 5/10/1888-3/1/1974 paula hurst
MARTIN, Viola May Burleson 1/14/1903 2/16/1989 paula hurst
MARTIN, Sidney 11/18/1894 7/1/1969 paula hurst
MARTIN, Robin 2/28/1930 2/28/1930 paula hurst
MARTIN, Rachel 2/28/1930 2/28/1930 paula hurst
(Twins, they died on the day of their birth)
MORGAN, Velmar Yarbrough 1895
MORGAN, Thomas A 1894
MOTES, Mary Curry 11/1/1886-4/28/1963Submitted by James Burleson
PARKER, Celia E. Francis 10/3/1872-1/17/1961Submitted by James Burleson
Lameth Ezra REEVES 4/14/1895 6/12/1895 paula hurst
Herman Schell REEVES 1/1/1897 5/28/1897 paula hurst
SHARPE, Amanda 5/1/1844-9/25/1900 "Wife of R. G. Sharp" paula hurst
SHARPE, Robert Gillespie 11/1/1831-9/14/1917 paula hurst
SHARPE, Andrew Jackson 10/29/1833-4/19/1893 paula hurst
SHARPE, Nancy Evans 12/11/1833-11/18/1913 paula hurst
SHARP, Henry Bolton 3/2/1879-11/24/1958 paula hurst
SHARP, Ivie Washington 8/22/1883-1/26/1971 paula hurst
SHARP, Virgil James 5/13/1915-12/29/1986 paula hurst
SHARP, Robert Baynard 8/3/1919-6/14/1990 paula hurst
SHARP, Mamie E 9/2/1890-1/22/1939 paula hurst
SHARP, Samuel Franklin 3/17/1846-2/22/1917 paula hurst
SHARP, Mary C. 11/5/1860-1/9/1913 paula hurst
SHARP, Edmund Whitfield 2/13/1848-9/27/1901 paula hurst
SHARP, Alice Ware 2/20/1852-12/28/1912 paula hurst
SHARP, Eulalie 11/6/1873-7/8/1939 paula hurst
SHARP, Margaret Elizabeth 1/14/1876-3/15/1940 paula hurst
SHARP, John Harrison 1/7/1882-2/23/1966 paula hurst
SHARP, Vivian Blanch 9/1/1891-7/27/1895paula hurst
SHARP, James Harris 4/11/1878-9/27/1960 paula hurst
SHARP, Emma Eason 5/15/1878-12/12/1965 paula hurst
SHARPE, Isaac D. 9/22/1860-8/27/1929 "He is not dead but sleepeth" paula hurst
SHARPE, Ella Lee Draper 9/1/1865-2/10/1947 paula hurst
SHARPE, Mary Mamie 3/13/1891-9/22/1907paula hurst
SHARPE, Draper F. 4/1/1896-6/10/1906 paula hurst
SHARPE, Lawrence R. 9/6/1905-5/26/1906 paula hurst
SHARP, Mary Etta 9/18/1965-3/27/1939 paula hurst
SMALLWOOD, Vernon White Sept 3, 1917 - June 1, 1975 Submitted by Connie Smallwood Bauer
SMALLWOOD, Hilda Nadine Curry (Wife of Vernon & Granddaughter of James M. & Amanda McCutchen Curry) Dec 08, 1919 - June 14, 1993 Submitted by Connie Smallwood Bauer
SMALLWOOD, Joe Vernon (son of Vernon & Hilda) Feb 26, 1939 - June 12, 1996 Submitted by Connie Smallwood Bauer
SMALLWOOD, Lillian Grace (daughter of Joe) Sept 20, 1966 - March 23, 1967 Submitted by Connie Smallwood Bauer
SPEEGLE, Carrie Mae Halbrooks 11/3/1901-4/10/1983 paula hurst
SPEEGLE, Charlie Wilson 11/11/1893-7/28/1964 paula hurst
WALLS, Fred M.1892-1969
WALLS, Mamie 1895-1979


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