Morrow Cemetery
Submitted by:  Sue Marine

Location: From Hartselle, take Hwy. 36 east to intersection of Hwy. 67. Turn right, go about 500 ft. and turn right on Stringer Rd, go 1.5 miles, road turns to the left. Go straight on gravel road 1.1 miles. Cemetery is on the left about 500 ft. from the road. T7S R2W S21. Copied Nov 3, 1981 by Ivydene S. Walls, Marilyn Sue Marine and Leonard Slate. (From Morgan County, AL Cemeteries, Vol. I by Ivydene S. Walls and Marilyn Sue Short Marine Submitted by Marilyn Sue Short Marine)

John T. Cooper born 31 May 1841 died 30 April 1909 footstone: J. T. C.
Henrietta Cooper born 11 Jan 18_7 died 9 Dec 18_8 footstone: H. _. (broken) wife of J. T. Cooper (Note: stone has been broken and repaired but some numbers cannot be read)
Maudie M. Cooper born 29 Aug 1882 died 18 May 1884 footstone: M. M. C. dau of J. T. and A. H. Cooper
Orme Headstone (Note: no names or dates)
Annie Elizabeth Garrison born 11 April 1838 died 26 April 1918
Simmie M. Garrison son, died in infancy; Corinne Garrison daughter, died in infancy (Note: on same stone)
Hugh Franklin Morrow born 19 Sept 1871 died 10 April 1872
infant son of A. B. and M. E. Morrow aged 6 mo 21 days
Martha V. Morrow born 23 June 1811 died 10 Aug 1868 aged 27 years 1 mo 17 days
Florida J. Morrow born 19 Dec 1843 died 6 Oct 1867 aged 23 yrs 9 mo 17 days (Note: stone broken and repaired)
Mrs. Nancy Morrow born 10 Sept 1821 died 28 Dec 1872 (Note: stone broken)
Rev. Thomas Morrow born 31 July 1805 died 12 Mar 1885 footstone: Rev. T. M.
J. C. Rhea born 30 Nov 1834 died 14 May 190_ footstone: J. C. R. Masonic emblem
Silas McDaniel Rhea born 9 Aug 1869 died 20 Oct 1891 footstone: S. M. R. aged 22 yrs 2 mo 11 days (Stonecutter: W. F. Stinson, Hartselle)
Annie Lynn Rhea born 4 June 1897 died 1 Aug 1905 footstone: A. L. R.
dau. of D. J. & N. A. Rhea
Ann Eliza Rhea born 13 Sept 1839 died 13 Sept 1888 footstone: A. E. R. wife of John C. Rhea
Lena W. Morris born 5 March 1863 died 22 Sept 1887 wife of S. H. Morris (Stonecutter W. F. Stinson, Hartselle, AL)
Elizabeth M. Morrow born 10 Jan 1818 died 9 Nov 1899 footstone: E. M. M. wife of G. W. Morrow (Stonecutter: Spiegle & Burns, Hartselle, Ala)
George W. Morrow born 8 Dec 1812 died 8 Apr 1883 footstone: G. W. M.
Lizzie J. Rea born 3 Dec 1857 died 12 Aug 1863 dau of John C. and Ann E. Rea
Margaret J. Morrow born 21 Dec 1837 died 10 Aug 1840 footstone: M. J. M. dau. of George W. & Elizabeth Morrow
Rosa Dorough Morrow born S.C. 1776 died Ala. 1847 Pioneer Ala.
Samuel Morrow born 8 Nov 1775 died 7 June 1845 born S.C., died Ala. Pioneer settler in Ala. 1815(Genealogical Notes on Samuel and Rosa: married 1798, Greenville, SC. Samuel II Morrow born Greenville Dist, SC son of Robert Morrow and Jane Peden Morton. Jane and a sister were credited with saving lives of several American soldiers during the battle of “Old 96”. They housed the wounded. The state of S. C. honored them.) Jane Peden Morton Morrow born 1740 died 1830 wife of Robert Morrow Revolutionary War Heroine of the Revolution, S.C. DAR marker “Real Daughter” placed by Dripping Springs Chapter
Robert Morrow born 1740 died 1820 3 South Carolina Regt. Revolutionary War DAR marker “Revolutionary Soldier - Robert Morrow 1776-1780” placed by Dripping Springs Chapter (Genealogical Notes: Jane Peden Morton Morrow was born in Antrim Co, Ireland, daughter of John Peden (Revolutionary War Soldier). She married second 1774, Chester Co, SC to Robert Morrow who enlisted in the Revolutionary War 24 July 1776)
Jean Dinsmore Morrow born Tenn. 20 June 1806 died Ala 1868 dau. of Rev. Sol. James Dinsmore Mother of 5 Confederate Soldiers DAR marker “Real Daughter” placed by Dripping Springs Chapter (Genealogical Notes: Jane/Jean Dinsmore Morrow was born in Rhea Co, TN, died 22 Nov 1868. James Dinsmore is buried in the Providence Cemetery, Morgan Co, AL)
Robert Morrow born 22 Sept 1799 died 25 May 1863 born S. C., died Ala Father of 5 Soldiers of the C. S. A. (Genealogical Notes: Robert Morrow born Greenville Dist, S.C., son of Samuel Morrow and Rosa Dorough)
R. J. H. (carved on rock)
S. R. H. (carved on rock)
E. J. H. (carved on rock)
E. (carved on rock)
M. A. H. (carved on rock) footstone: H.
J. H.
Thomas Donaldson died 28 Oct 1868 aged 67 years son of William & Ann Donaldson
Ann S. Dolason [sic] died 6 Dec 1882 footstone: A. S. D. wife of Thomas Dolason
Margaret M. Beavers born 23 Nov 1850 died 23 Dec 1892 footstone: M. M. B. wife of James F. Beavers
Approximately 10 graves marked with fieldstones.
(Genealogical Note: Information from Morgan Co. Death Records:
Aphya Ormes buried here died: 24 June 1896 aged 55 yrs.

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