Morris, Scott
b Feb 28, 1838
d Nov 14, 1916

Morris, Thomas J
b Sep 1, 1879
d May 8, 1893
son of Scott & Mary Morris

Morris, Mary S
b Jul 4, 1844
d Sep 7, 1884
aged 40 yr 2 mo 3da
wife of Scott Morris

Stone with no name
Sleep baby sleep, right by your Mameys side,
It made your mamey weep to think that you had died.

Morris, Joseph R
b Sep 6, 1884
d Sep 29, 1884
aged 23 days
son of S & M S M Morris

Morris, L G
b Sep 30, 1844
d Apr 20, 1900
wife of Scott Morris

Sims, John T
b Mar 23, 1866
d Jan 17, 1889

Sims, Mary C
b May 18, 1827
d Jul 24, 1891

Sims, Monterville
b Apr 7, 1835
d Dec 7, 1879
aged 44 yr 8 mo
He lived a consistent member of the Baptist Church
for 20 years and died in the faith

Several graves marked only with fieldstones.

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