Mitchell Cemetery

Mitchell, Thos
d Dec 28, 1922
Faithful member of Lily Bell Circle No 756

Mitchell, Emma
b Jun 12, 1869
d May 16, 1924
Star of Decatur Chamber 854 Decatur, Ala

Green, Sallie
b Jun 12, 1870
d Jun 13, 1924
McDonald Star Chamber4137, Flint Al

Lipscomb, Joe
bJan 15, 1864
d Apr 26, 1901

Simpson, Ja
d May 28, 1918
Faithful member of Lily Bell Circle No 756

Mitchel, Wilk
d Jun 4, 1941
Alabama Pvt 324 Bn QMC

Mitchell, France
b Aug 25, 1923
d Jan 5, 1947
Alabama S1C US Navy World War II

Pryor, Susie
d Oct 18, 1924
Lone Star circle No 1060

There are approximately 24 more graves marked only with fieldstones


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