Lile Family Cemetery

Lile, Du Ann L
b Aug 23, 1833
d Aug 13, 1853
second dauof Thomas & America M Lile

Lile, Virginia G
b Mar 25, 1844
d Sep 24, 1848
youngest dau of Thomas & America M Lile

Lile Lucian J
b Mar 9, 1842
d Oct 12, 1867
son of Thomas & A M Lile
He rests beneath this silent tomb, and friends lament his early doom,
Cut off from all who held him dear, he sweetly sleeps in silence here.

Lile, Samuel J
b Oct 25, 1839
d Nov 16. 1864
son of Thos & America Lile

Lile, Victoria Louisa
d Sep 22, 1863
aged 24 years
dau of Thomas & America M Lile

Sherrill, Henry Lile
b Oct 26, 1904
d Mar 21, 1913
son of Joel & A Sherrill
Killed in cyclone near Trinity, Ala

Lile, Thomas
b Mar 23, 1804
d Oct 29, 1863
aged 59 yr 7 mo 6 da
He was an honest man and a Christian

Lile, America M
b Jan 1, 1811
d Sep 15, 1867
Our Mother
wife of Thomas LIle
dau of J & D Allison
born in Madison Co, Ala

Lile, in memory of Ben and Eliza\
A   1860    D
Colored servant of J A Lile
The tall, the wise, the reverend head, must lie as low as ours.

Lile, Adeline (Negro)
b 1844

Lile, Uncle Nick (Negro)
b Oct 2, 1842
d Aug 20, 1908

Lile, May Belle
b Sep 30, 1858
d Jan 25, 1913
wife of Jim Lile

Jones, Mary

Lyle, John Allison
b 1825
d 1883
(this grave was reported to have been moved to Episcopal Church in Trinity and moved back when the church was demolished)

Blalock, Sarah C
dau of Joseph K & Sally Blalock
She at all times expressed a desire to be converted, lamented that she had not sought the pardon of her sins
at an earlier day and seemed greatly gratified when the people of God would sing and paray with her.
She gave no clear and satisfactory evidence of having been born of God but a short time previous to her death,
she gave some intimations of acceptance.  From this manifestation and the character of her penitence, her friends
are not left entirely void of hope.  May God sanctify this affliction to the good of all concerned.



The Decatur Daily (Mon May 13 2002)had some names listed of a cemetary found out on the land fill in Morgan County Alabama. and I checked the names with the names of the  1840 Morgan cen the names were

Thomas Lile ,
Amierca (Allison maiden name) Lile,
Samual Lile,
Thomas Lile born March 23 1804 died: Oct 29,1863 wife: Amierca Lile born in Madison County AL Jan 1 1811 died Sept 15 1867
Du Ann Lile (daughter) born Aug 23 1833 died Aug 13 , 1863
Samual lile (son Oct 25 1839 died Nov 16 1864)
 The liles old home place stood on the 76 acres where there is now the Morgan County landfill The house was in front of the cemetery. It was destroyed by a tornado in 1913.


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