Fennel Cemtery (Danville, AL)

Located in Trinity, Northwest Morgan County, Alabama
Township 5S, Range 5W, Section 19 Southern Section
GPS Coordinants: Latitude: 34.593ºN, Longitude: 87.097ºW, Altitude: 758'

Location Directions: Go north on Hwy 67 (Beltline Road) till it dead ends.  Turn left, onto Hwy 20.  Turn left onto North Seneca Drive after Vulcan Plant.  Turn right on to John Johnson Road and go to fifth driveway on right (first paved).  Turn into driveway and go 300 feet and turn on dirt road.  The road turns west and cemetery is at the end of the dirt road.  94 burials are included in this cemetery
Inscriptions copied from Morgan County AL Cemeteries Book (pages 272 thru 277, 467) and then verified by author at cemetery.  Items in italics are added by Phil Wirey

Born Sep 9, 1936
Died Nov 17, 2006
Jim Fennel, husband of Patricia Ann Hamilton, named for grandfather James Curtis Fennel who married Rebecca Delony who was the granddaughter of Captain Edward B. W. Delony, son of Benjamin King Fennel and Sarah Lile, graduate of Athens State College and finished schooling in Edinburg, Scotland, an ordained Methodist minister and psychologist by trade and operated Serenity Lodge, a counseling facility at his home in Trinity, AL

Born Feb 26, 1872
Died Nov 24 1953

J. W. PECK (broken)
Born 1865
Died 1909

WILLIAM A. BABER (footstone - W.A.B.)
Born Aug 17, 1867
Died Jul 1, 1905
Woodmen of the World - Erected by W. D. W.
Son of J. M. and Sue Baber, shown on 1880 Census

Born Feb 11, 1903
Died Nov 13, 1932
Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Baber

Born 1863
Died 1906
Son of Nelson Fennel
Son of Nelson and Julia Fennel and grandson of Wiley and Sarah Fennel

Born 1849
Died 1928
A Methodist preacher for 58 years
Moses Nelson Morris, husband of Lucy Madeleine Harrison, son of Moses S. and Sarah Fennel Morris, grandson of Wiley Fennel

MOSES S. MORRIS (box-tomb)
Died Dec 13, 1849
Departed this life in the 41 year of his life
Moses Stroude Morris, born about 1809 in TN, Methodist preacher, husband of Sarah Fennel (daughter of Wiley and Sarah Fennel)

Born Aug 8, 1885
Died Jul 22, 1886
Son of M. N. Morris and M. H. Morris

MINNIE LEE DAVIS (new stone)
Born 1888
Died 1890
Dau of James F. and Fannie Davis

MINNIE LEE DAVIS (old metal sign grave marker in wrought iron fence)
Born Jan 2, 1888
Died Aug 14, 1890
Dau of James F. and Fannie E. Davis

JAMES F. DAVIS (footstone - F. D.)
Born Dec 18, 1859
Died May 17, 1951
His last words were "I see the gates of heaven opening, and they are opening for me."
James Fennel Davis, husband of Francis "Fannie" Elizabeth Sewell, son of Francis Mark Davis and Celia Fennel

FANNIE E. DAVIS (footstone - F. E. D.)
Born Sep 14, 1867
Died Apr 26, 1904
Wife of James F. Davis
Daughter of William Quimby Sewell and Margaret Ann Banks

Born Nov 14, 1926
Died Nov 22, 1926
Son of Paul C. and Edith Davis
Great-grandson of Francis Mark Davis and Celia Fennel

Born Jul 17, 1859
Died Apr 4, 1886
Edward Payne Harrison, brother of Lucy Madeline Harrison who married M. N. Morris, grandson of William Sanders and Sarah Fox

ABSALOM LEONIDAS DAVIS (combined stone with wife)
Born 1832
Died 1922
Teacher and Methodist preacher, husband of Ann Fennel, son of Absalom Davis and Eliza Russell, built Forest Home

ANN FENNEL DAVIS (combined stone with husband)
Born 1839
Died 1905
Born 7-17-1839, died 5-19-1905, wife of Absalom L. Davis, daughter of James Fennel and Mary Curtis King, life written about in the book "The Annals of Ann Fennel Davis" by her daughter Mary Davis Henry

HARTWELL A. DAVIS (footstone - H. A. D.)
Born Sep 22, 1876
Died Mar 21, 1877
Son of A. L. and Ann F. Davis

ABSALOM DAVIS (footstone - A. D.)
Born Jun 1, 1800
Died Mar 19, 1861
Husband of Eliza Russell, father of Francis, Absalom, and John S. Davis, moved to Alabama after their home burned in North Carolina

ELIZA DAVIS (footstone - E. D.)
Born Dec 16, 1803
Died Jan 5, 1866
Wife of A. L. Davis
Eliza Russell, wife of Absalom Davis

Born 1861
Died 1920
Born 2-6-1861, son of Absalom L. and Ann F. Davis, husband of (1) Mary Anne Minor and (2) Annie Vivian Moseley

MARY MINOR DAVIS (footstone - M. M. D.)
Born Jun 21, 1864
Died Jun 25, 1905
Wife of Jeff S. Davis
Daughter of Dr. Lucian Minor 

Born Jun 29, 1891
Died Mar 20, 1894
Dau of J. S. & Mary Davis
(Stonemaker - Stinson & Moore, Hartselle, AL)

Born Jul 9, 1866
Died Apr 24, 1936
Annie Vivian Moseley, daughter of Drury Vaughn Moseley and Mary Ann Minor, wife of (1) J.C. (Sonny) Graham and (2) Jefferson S. Davis 

M. L. HARRISON (broken, footstone - M. L. H.)
Aged 20 years

Born Jul 29, 1853
Died Sep 23, 1925
Daughter of Frank and Celia Davis

Born May 24, 1829
Died Nov 27, 1906
A native of Robeson County, N.C., an alumnus of LaGrange College, Ala., a farmer, a soldier, a teacher, a Mason and a Christian
Son of Absalom Davis and Eliza Russell, husband of Celia Fennel, served in Civil War with 18th Regiment and under Captain Nelson Fennel's Partisan Rangers, lived at Walnut Grove 

Born Feb 16, 1836
Died Apr 30, 1894
Wife of F. M. Davis
Daughter of James Fennel and Mary Curtis King

ANNIE WADSWORTH DAVIS (footstone - A. W. D.)
Born Aug 6, 1857
Died Mar 20, 1875
Dau of F. M. and Celia Davis

Born Jan 24, 1856
Died Jul 30, 1856
Dau of F. M. and C. Davis

Born Sep 23, 1866
Died Aug 22, 1867
Son of F. M. and Celia Davis

SAMUEL JOSEPH DAVIS (footstone - S. J. D.)
Born Jul 21, 1872
Died May 7, 1873
Son of F. M. and Celia Davis

GEORGE B. DAVIS (footstone - G. B. D.)
Born Aug 9, 1875
Died Sep 26, 1878
Son of F. M. and Celia Davis

Born Aug 30, 1889
Died Oct 15, 1908
Aged 19 yr 1 mo 15 da
Son of Lucian and Laura Bouldin Moseley
Grandson of Dr. William T. Minor and Captain William Moseley, great-grandson of Richard Bouldin and Ann Fennel

MADGIE B. MITCHELL (footstone - M. B. M.)
Born May 25, 1857
Died Sep 2, 1888
Wife of W. H. Mitchell
Margarete E. Bouldin, wife of William Mitchell, daughter of Wylie F. Bouldin and Laura Brown Foote, granddaughter  of Richard Bouldin and Ann Fennel

Born in Charlotte County, VA the 28th of May 1801 
Moved to Morgan County, Ala in 1823
Died 2 Aug 1853 aged 52yrs 2mo 5d
(stonemaker J. E. Doyle - Fecit)
Son of Richard Bouldin and Elizabeth Moseley, husband of both Ann and Celia Fennel

ANN BOULDIN (box-tomb - broken)
Sacred to the Memory of 
Wife of Richard M. Bouldin
and daughter of Wylie and Sally Fennel 
Died April 15th 1848 aged 40yrs 6mos 15dys
Born 10-2-1807 in North Carolina

MRS. LAURA A. E. DELONY (box tomb - broken)
Born Nov 30, 1827
Died Sep 15, 1847
Wife of Dr. Jas H. Delony
Dau of Ann and Richard Bouldin

MRS. SARAH A. DELONY (footstone - S. A. DeL)
nee Lane 
Born Sep 15, 1833 
Died July 27, 1891
(stonecutter made error Delong)
Daughter of Jessie A. Lane and Sarah Fennel, granddaughter of Joseph Lane and Wiley Fennel, wife of L. W. Delony

In Memory of Madeleine Harrison Morris
Wife of Rev M. N. Morris 
Born Dec 23, 1851
Died April 6, 1890
Daughter of William and Margaret Harrison, sister of Edward Payne Harrison

REV. JOHN S. DAVIS (monument)
Born Nov 24, 1827
Died Jan 15, 1907
For 53 years a member of the N.C. and N. AL. Conference.  
He was a Christian, a patriot, a preacher, a true embodiment of righteousness
Wife of Susan Fennel, son of Absalom Davis and Eliza Russell

Born Dec 27, 1841
Died Mar 1, 1905
Wife of Rev. John S. Davis, daughter of James Fennel and Mary Curtis King

Born Apr 8, 1859
Aged 14 yr 11 mo 18 da
Daughter of James and Mary C. Fennel
Died at school in Huntsville
At the age of thirteen, she gave her heart to God, in health she praised Him and died in the arms of her Savior

Born Apr 21, 1833
Died Jul 19, 1846
Daughter of James and Mary C. Fennel
She was kind and self sacrificing.  It never entered her heart to make a distinction on account of station.  But worth among the poorest had a warm place in her heart.  None knew her but to love her; none named her but to praise.  She was a Christian.

Born Mar 4, 1811 
Died Jan 17, 1898
Void of selfishness, with truth, kindness, and generosity unbounded
Mary Curtis King, wife of James Fennel, daughter of Hartwell King and Burchet Curtis

JAMES FENNEL (box-tomb)
Born Feb 27, 1803 
Died July 9, 1849
Men of enterprise, here moulders a kindred spirit. He maintained a remarkable consistency amid the exciting circumstances of life and possessed the highest reputation for honorable dealing, extraordinary punctuality and unswerving honesty.  Truth and justice he loved with all his heart, the rights of others it was his pride to respect.  In all the qualities which distinguish man, he was among the first of his race.  Inflexible firmness and untiring assiduity were his chararcteristics.  He was a Christian.
(stonemaker J. Lansdwn, Fecit)
Son of Wylie and Sally Fennel, husband of Mary Curtis King.  Owned Summerseat, which was summer home for the Fennel's which was located just northeast of cemetery.  It overlooked the gorge, Happy Hollow, where the Methodist held summer camp revivals in the 1800's.  His quarry was used to build the Old State Bank in Decatur.

CHARLES FOX FENNEL (footstone - C. F. F.)
Born Jun 2, 1838
Died Jul 17, 1890
A cultured citizen, a brave soldier
Son of Henry W. Fennel and Sarah Delony, wife of Fanny Hartsfield


Born Feb 10, 1868
Died Jun 10, 1885
E. B. W. Delony, born in AR, son of L. W. Delony and Sarah Lane, shown on 1880 Morgan Co. Census

Born Aug 20, 1857 
Died Aug 31, 1888
Daughter of Nelson and Julia Fennel 
Daughter of Nelson Fennel and Julia Glover Fennel 

MARY F. ALLEN (same stone for all three Allens)
Born Dec 28, 1838
Died Aug 29, 1854
Dau of J. F. and M. Allen
Daughter of John Franklin Allen and Margaret Fennel, granddaughter of Wiley Fennel

Born May 27, 1814 	
Died Mar 6, 1855
Aged 40 yr 9 mo 7 da
Consort of John F. Allen
Dau of W. and S. Fennel
Daughter of Wiley Fennel and Sally Fox, wife of William Love and John Allen

Born Mar 5, 1855
Died Jun 15, 1855
Aged 3 mo 10 da
Dau of John F. and Margaret Allen

RICHARD OSWELL FENNEL (box tomb - broken)
Sacred to the Memory of Richard Oswell 
Son of Henry and Sarah J. Fennel his wife 
Born the 11th of June 1842 
Died 13th of Nov 
Aged 5 months
Tis said the woman made man to grieve
The jest is somewhat stale
It was the devil that tempted Eve
And was not he a male?
Son of Henry Fennel and Sarah Delony

Born Jul 3, 1844
Died Mar 13, 1850
Son of M. S. and Sarah Morris
Son of Moses Stroude Moses and Sarah Fennel

SARAH FENNEL MORRIS (footstone - S. M.)
Born near Raleigh, NC Jan 8, 1812
Died at Trinity, Ala July 11, 1878
Daughter of Wiley and Sally Fennel, wife of Rev. Moses S. Morris

In Memory of Sophia Jane Lane 
Daughter of Jesse A. and Sarah Lane 
Who departed this life Aug 18, 1847 
In the 17th year of her age.
Daughter of Jesse A. Lane and Sarah Fennel, granddaughter of Joseph and Pherebe Lane and Wiley and Sally Fennel
Born Apr 7, 1817
Died Aug 3, 1838
Daughter of Wylie and Sally Fennel

SALLY FENNEL (box-tomb)
In Memory of Sally Fennel 
Wife of Wylie Fennel 
Died August 1st 1831 
Aged 58
(stonemaker Lansdon & Preston Fecit)
Sarah Fox, wife of Wylie Fennel and daughter of John and Selah Bonner Fox
First name may have been Lora, born 1776 in Brunswick County, Virginia
feocit: formerly used on works of art after the name of the artist.

WILLIE FENNEL (box-tomb)
In Memory of Willie Fennel 
Born in Southampton Co, VA
Died Dec 23d 1826 aged 53
This stone a tribute erected by his children. 
(stonemaker L & P)
Correct spelling of first name is Wiley, husband of Sarah "Sally" Fox, patriarch of family in Alabama, born 3-29-1773, Southampton Co, VA

In Memory of Alabama
Daughter of James and Mary Fennel 
Died January 26th 1833 
Aged 2 yrs & 6 months
Born July 26, 1830

Died Jan 13, 1846
Aged 2 yr 3 days
Son of John F. and Margaret Allen
Son of John F. Allen and Margaret Fennel, grandson of Wylie and Sally Fennel

WILLIAM P. GLOVER (box-tomb - broken)
Born Apr 18, 1802
Died Aug 12, 1847
Died in the 46th year of his age
(stonemaker J. L.)
Possibly father and Rebecca below the mother of Julia Glover who married Nelson Fennel

Born Aug 17, 1797
Died Feb 12, 1848
Died in the 51st year of her age
One more instance of the immobility of man, the immutability, the incomprehensibility and the infinitude of God

JOHN W. PECK (broken)
Born May 7, 1825
Died Nov 26, 1883
Son of George Peck and Celia Fennel, husband and cousin of Sarah Elizabeth Love whose mother was Margaret Fennel 

SARAH E. PECK (broken)
Born Jan 25, 1832
Died Aug 22, 1897
Sarah Elizabeth Love, daughter of William Wilburn Love and Margaret Fennel, wife of John W. Peck

Born Nov 17, 1862
Died Sep 26, 1906
Daughter of John and Sarah Peck

GEORGE W. PECK (monument by J. E. Doyle sculptor)
Born Sep 25, 1851
Died Aug 9, 1852
Son of John W. and Sarah E. Peck

WILLIAM W. LOVE (box-tomb)
Sacred to the Memory of William W. Love 
Who departed this life July 30th 1832
Aged 27 years
He was Christian from his youth
(stonemaker - Lansdown and Preston)
William Wilburn Love, born in Sussex County, VA, husband of Margaret Fennel

PECK, Infant  (monument by J. E. Doyle sculptor)
Born Feb 9, 1850
Died Feb 14, 1850
Infant dau of John W. and Sarah E. Peck

GEORGE PECK (box-tomb)
In Memory of George Peck
Born in Botetourt County, VA
Emigrated to the West and settled at Decatur in 1819
The first regular merchant 
Died April 1826 aged 38 years
(stonemaker L & P)
Husband of Celia Fennel, son of John and Susan Peck, founded Peck's Landing west of Finley or Round Island and founding father of Decatur (as member of Decatur Land Trust Company)

WILLIAM DARWIN (box-tomb - broken)
In Memory of William Darwin
Born Oct 8, 1799 
Died Aug 22, 1838
2nd husband of Celia Fennel

Died Nov 12, 1829
Daughter of William Darwin and Celia Fennel

Born Sep 1, 1855
Died Jul 25, 1857
Son of Robert C. and Sarah J. Wright
He took the cup of life to sip and bitter twas to drain 
He meekly put it from his lip and went to sleep again
Son of Sarah Darwin, grandson of Celia Fennel

ROBERT C. WRIGHT (footstone - R. C. W.)
Died Jan 18, 1864
Aged 31 years
Son of Claiborne Wright
Wife of Sarah J. Darwin, son-in-law of Celia Fennel

FANNIE C. WRIGHT (broken, footstone - F. C. W.)
Aged 21 years
Dau of Robert Wright
Granddaughter of Celia Fennel

Died Dec 7, 1874
Aged 14 yr 6 mo
Dau of Robert Wright
Born June 1860, Granddaughter of Celia Fennel

Born Jan 3, 1871
Died Oct 12, 1902
Son of Sarah Darwin, grandson of Celia Fennel

Born Jun 28, 1878
Died Apr 30, 1880
Dau of F. K. and M. A. Hewlett
Daughter of Rev. Ferdanan K. W. and Mary Hewlett, shown on 1850 Morgan County and 1880 Lawrence County Census

The following names are on a four sided monument:

Mar 13, 1837 - Oct 1899
Dau of Celia Bouldin		
Buried at Brushy, I. T.

(2) SARAH DARWIN COUCH (footstone - S. D. C.)
Oct 14, 1831 - Feb 4, 1905
Dau of Celia Bouldin - our mother

Our Grandmother 
May 19, 1805 - Oct 2, 1882 
Buried at Pilot Point, TX 
Daughter of Wylie and Sally Fennel, wife of George Peck, William Darwin, and Richard M. Bouldin.  Moved with children to Pilot Point, Texas

(4) JAMES H. DARWIN - our uncle
Jan 3, 1833 - May 30, 1862
Son of Celia Bouldin
Was killed at the battle of  "Seven Pines", buried at Richmond, Va.

MRS. MARTHA JONES (box-tomb)
Born Jul 4, 1773
Died Oct 2, 1843
A native of Halifax Co, N. C. who emigrated to Alabama in 1833.  She had been for nearly 40 years an acceptable member of the Methodist Church, and was uniform in her attendance on all its ordinances.
May be relative of Tignal Jones who was the brother-in-law of Mary Curtis King Fennel.  Mary Curtis Fennel bought the home of Tignal Jones and Susan King (her sister) at LaGrange in Colbert County as a summer home after the death of her husband, James Fennel.

PHILEMON JONES (box-tomb - broken)
Aged 11 mo 13 da
Son of Tignal and Susan Jones

REDDING  JONES (box-tomb - broken)
Aged 3 yr 7 mo 4 da
Son of Tignal and Susan Jones

OCT 21, 1883		Jul 31, 1890
Jan 21, 1886		Sep 7, 1891
Single Stone

Age 1 year
Died Jun 12, 1893
Taken from death records

Born Apr 27, 1836
Died Sep 19, 1838

Died in the 18th year of her age
Died Mar 10, 1837

Born Mar 18, 1807
Died Aug 3, 1836
Born in Lancaster Cty, PA
Shown on 1830 Morgan County Census living next door to Capt. Joel Wallace in the Trinity Area

Born Aug 17, 1791
Died Feb 25, 1848
Wife of Dr. Andrew Kaeiser
2nd wife of Dr. Kaeiser

MRS. ELIZA J. KAEISER (box-tomb)
Born Dec 11, 1800
Died Aug 16, 1835
Wife of Dr. Andrew Kaeiser
(stonemaker Lansdown and Preston)
1st wife of Dr. Kaeiser

MARGT. R. GRANT KAEISER (broken - footstone M. R. G. K.)
Born Mar 13, 1818
Died Aug 7, 1870
Wife of Dr. A. Kaeiser
Born in Halifax Co, N. C.
Margaret Robb Grant, 3rd wife of Dr. Andrew Kaeiser, married 7-18-1848, on 1850 Census Andrew shown from PA as a farmer living in Trinity area near Sarah Fennel Morris.

SARAH C. BLALOCK (box-tomb - broken)
Born Nov 24, 1825
Died Aug 26, 1845
Aged 20 yr 9 mo 2 da
Dau of Joseph K. and Sally Blalock
She at all times expressed a desire to be converted, lamented that she had not sought the pardon of her sins at an earlier day and seemed greatly gratified when the people of God would sing and pray with her. She gave no clear and satisfactory evidence of having been born of God but a short time previous to her death, she gave some intimations of acceptance.  From this manifestation and the character of her penitence, her friends are not entirely void of hope. May God sanctify this affliction to the good of all concerned.


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