Directions: From Hartselle, take Hwy 31 North to Red Bank Rd. Turn right
go through the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge to the first gravel rd
to the right. Go about 1/4 mile. Cemetery is on the left near an old
barn on the old Burleson homeplace. copied Mar 2, 1983.
This is from the Archives records.

BURLESON, Jonathan Oct 6, 1789 Sept 24, 1866
BURLESON, Elizabeth Sept. 4, 1796 Jul 12, 1839
BURLESON, Elizabeth 1 yr 7 mo 3 days

BYRD, Lydia Mar 21, 1770 Oct 9, 1838

TURNEY, Isabella A.E. Jun 2, 1856

HUMPHREYS, Eliza Dora May 4, 1853 Jul 22, 1854

HUMPHREYS, Aaron Burlison Oct 4, 1855 Dec 13, 1861
HUMPHREYS, Carlisle Nov 4, 1861 Jan 20, 1863
HUMPHREYS, Mary Hellen Dec 23, 1851 June 21, 1864

TURNEY, Edna F. Mar 1, 1858 Mar 3, 1858
TURNEY, Emily L. Dec 5, 1846 Jan 15, 1848
TURNEY, Eliza L. Apr 12, 1849 Jul 8, 1849

Notes: Lydia Adair Byrd was the mother of Elizabeth Byrd Burleson. The
Turney children were children of Dr. William Turney and Edna Burleson
Turney. The Humphrey children were children of S.B. Humphreys and
Isabella Burleson Humphreys.

Jonathan Burleson was one of the county's earliest settlers. His father
was John Burleson, who with his brother, Joseph, and their families,
came into Madison Co in 1808.

In 1813, Jonathan married Elizabeth Byrd, daughter of Rev. Williams Byrd
and Lydia Adair Byrd. They moved into Morgan Co about 1816. Their second
child, Aaron Adair Burleson, born Aug 1, 1816, was the first white child
born in Morgan Co. He became a doctor and was the probable builder of
the Burleson-Hinds-McEntire house in Decatur. he died in Memphis,
Tennessee, age about 80 years.

The Burleson plantation is one of the oldest plantations in Morgan
County. It once totaled 7000 acres. One hundred slaves or more worked
the cotton fields.

Jonathan Burleson's first home was build at the foot of the mountain,
near where the cemetery is today. In 1841, he built a new house, known
as Westview, atop Burleson Mountain, which still remains today,
remarkably preserved.


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