Austin Cemetery  Decatur

Austin Cemetery


Austin, Charles Henry
d Jul 21, 1933

Austin, Edward J
b 1891
d 1917

Austin, Elizabeth Melinda Roper
b 1862
d Apr 11, 1910

Austin, Francis A Husaib
b Jul 22, 1836
d Dec 17, 1878

Austin, Vandiver Lawson
aged 49 years
d June 25, 1884

Austin, William Frank
b 1827
d Dec 31, 1878

Hudson, Charles
b Feb 1829
d Jun 23, 1902

White, Elymira Austin
b 1845
d Nov 28, 1908
Wife of J W White

White, James W
b Apr 18, 1842
d Apr 23, 1916



There are several more graves either unmarked or marked only with fieldstones.

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