Mobile County Families

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Some Creek Families & Friends

The Pelican Girls (aka The Cassette Girls)

Marriages of the Pelican Girls
Names and genealogies of the Cassette Girls--"Pelican Girls" who came to Mobile 
as brides for the French Marines in 1704.

Pelican List 
List of Girls and Families Who Left from Paris and Rochefort for Fort Louis in La Louisiane

Early Families of French Colonial Mobile

Melba Allen's Southern Families

Descendants of Thomas Buck I

Langford & Lankford Families in Alabama

Hall Marriages in Mobile County, Alabama

Family of Henry Schultz (from NY 1903>IL>MS>AL)

Alexander Gilcrease Gilchrist Gilchrest Kilcrease McMullen

Susannah DEAKLE

The Tale of Louis de Lantagnac

Some Old Mobile Families

Descendents of Jacob Henry Schroebel, Mobile, Alabama