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Mob. bb1:58a-3
September 18. 1725

Dispensed with publication of banns

Etienne Teyssier, a sergeant in La Tour's 1 company

Magdeleine René (de Mandeville), 2 natural daughter of (Franciose Phillipe) de Mandeville, captain in the colony.

Witnesses signing were: Jean Chris ..... (Jean Chrisostome, a friar who had arrived with Father Claude, is probable): Monsieur (Pi.....ot?) made a large cross

1. Lieutenant, then captain, Vitrac La Tour, husband of Bienville's cousin Marie LeSueur, was commanding Fort Toulouse des Alibamons from its beginning until 1720. That year, in poor health, he returned to the Mobile fort. In 1723, he was still there, serving with Franciose Phillipe de Marigny de Mandeville under Jadart de Beauchamp, the major-commandant of Fort Condé. Mob. bb 1:24, Oct 3, 1717; C 13a, 5:117: Giraud, Histoire, III, 310, 365, 366; IV, 420

2. The bride's mother was an Indian slave of Captain de Mandeville. Giraud, Histoire, IV, 431, 432n; Mob. bb1:86

3. Ensign at Mobile in 1707, he married in France a niece of the missionary LeMaire. Giraud, Histoire, III, 147, 147n. Although a special entry in 1722 declares that the family name was Phillipe, his full name is given elsewhere as Francoise de Hautmesnil de Marigny de Mandeville. Mob. bb I:42-2; Giraud, Histoire, vols. III and IV.

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Note: the first three entries - the term PRESIDENT was used - because of the form of government.